'Full House' Reunion On 'Good Morning America' Hilarious! Watch Video Of John Stamos, Bob Saget, And Dave Coulier Promoting Super Bowl Ad [VIDEOS]

By Melissa Siegel January 29, 2014 10:58 AM EST
Full House stars Dave Coulier, John Stamos and Bob Saget had some fun before their reunion on Good Morning America (Photo: Instagram/JohnStamos).
Full House stars Dave Coulier, John Stamos and Bob Saget had some fun before their reunion on Good Morning America (Photo: Instagram/JohnStamos).

A long-awaited Full House reunion took place this Wednesday on Good Morning America. John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier appeared on the morning show to discuss their new Super Bowl ad for Dannon's Oikos yogurt.

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Watch Stamos, Saget, and Coulier in the first-ever scene of Full House.

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Rumors of a Full House reunion went viral earlier this month, when the Oikos YouTube page teased a Super Bowl ad featuring the three stars of the hit sitcom. Oikos then posted the full ad on Sunday, a week before the big game.

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But we were sadly disappointed by the Full House reunion ad. Much of the commercial focused on John Stamos, who is currently a spokesman for Oikos. Saget and Coulier only appeared at the very end. There was not even a "Cut It Out" or "Have Mercy."

Instead, the Super Bowl ad showed John Stamos sexily spilling his yogurt on his pants during a hot date. But Coulier and Saget interrupted him and warned him to take off the pants so they would not stain. Their actions scared Stamos' date away, but Saget said, "She wasn't good for us anyway!"

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"I've been doing the commercial about three years," Stamos said during Good Morning America's Full House reunion. "I'm very proud of Dannon Oikos. They've been good to me. The main thing is I always wanted is 'Let's have a self-deprecating vibe about it.' They've always been so great about that. And I said 'How about bringing my brothers on for the Super Bowl. And they said yeah and ... the thing I like about this commercial is like Full House, an adult can watch it with their kids."

Watch the Full House reunion Super Bowl ad here.

Thankfully, the Full House reunion on GMA was way funnier. After the morning show aired the commercial, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier joked that they had been trying to get his pants off for years. This, in turn, led John Stamos to show off his underwear, which featured the Oikos logo.

Watch John Stamos take off his pants during the Full House reunion.

Later on the Good Morning America, the three actors played a game of Full House Fumble. The guys had to answer trivia questions about the classic sitcom. Coulier was the only one who actually tried for the first few questions, but Saget made a valiant comeback to tie at the end. But we are pretty sure Saget should have only received half credit for the car question, since Jesse was actually the one who destroyed Bullet while taking it to get fitted for seat covers. (Joey's car was the one Stephanie drove through the kitchen). Stamos, meanwhile, was too focused on fellow GMA guest Rihanna to concentrate, though he did get on the board at the very end.

Watch Part 2 of the Full House reunion below.

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