Savannah Guthrie Calls Kate Gosselin Interview 'Crazy'! Why 'Today' Show Host Told Andy Cohen She Felt Bad For Twins [VIDEO]

By Ani Palen January 24, 2014 3:46 PM EST
Savannah Guthrie felt bad for the Gosselin twins. (Photo: Reuters)
Savannah Guthrie felt bad for the Gosselin twins. (Photo: Reuters)

Savannah Guthrie's awkward Kate Gosselin interview is still on her mind! Guthrie recently sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!, and when a caller asked her about the awkward chat, she didn't hold back. "I was really surprised," Guthrie told the caller. "They came on, and I thought the girls had something on their minds, they wanted to get it off their chests." Instead Mady and Cara, 13, sat quietly.

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"Mady, what would you want to say about how you and your sister and your family are doing?" Guthrie asked during one part of the Today segment. The twin's response? "Um..."

"Mady, your words — It's your chance, spit it out," demanded Kate. Guthrie said she felt bad for the teenagers. "I was really sympathetic to them. It's not easy to get on national television — this isn't something they do every day, live every morning." She continued, "They're 13-year-old girls, I felt bad for them."

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Kate Gosselin and her twins on the Today Show. (Photo: Youtube)
Kate Gosselin and her twins on the Today Show. (Photo: YouTube/tim doggar)

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Cohen himself isn't much of a Kate Gosselin fan and laughed as he asked Guthrie, "In the galaxy of appearing unlikeable, has Kate Gosselin appeared more unlikeable?" True to form, Guthrie handled the question gracefully, "Is this the 'I plead the Fifth' segment?" Even though Guthrie was clearly trying to be polite about the whole debacle, Cohen couldn't help himself from bringing up the excruciating interview again. "During the Kate Gosselin interview were you thinking, 'this is incredible television' or 'how do i wrangle this back?'"

"I honestly was just thinking, this is crazy," responded the Today host, adding that she wondered, "Does it look as crazy [as it feels on the inside]?" Later on, Guthrie saw the reaction on social media and among her coworkers. "Then I checked my Twitter feed, then I saw Matt after," she confirmed with a laugh. "It was insane."

Guthrie was surprised that the twins didn't really have anything to say during the interview, which might confirm speculation that their mom forced them to do the show to keep herself in the spotlight. Kate has been on a campaign for the past month to prove that she is still relevant and filming her kids didn't harm them in any way. Jon Gosselin is on a crusade of his own: In the latest issue of In Touch, he claims that Kate treats their kids like "garbage" and spanks them in public. Maybe for the sake of their eight children, both Gosselins should give it a rest and stay out of the public eye for good.

Watch Savannah Guthrie's awkward interview with Kate Gosselin and her twins below.

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