Bobbi Kristina Brown Married Adopted Brother? Shocked By Nick Gordon Wedding, Fans Worry Whitney Houston's Death Still Affecting Daughter [PHOTOS]

By Ani Palen January 10, 2014 11:40 AM EST
Nick Gordon (L) and Bobbi Kristina Brown attend the opening night of
Nick Gordon (L) and Bobbi Kristina Brown attend the opening night of The Houstons: On Our Own in New York October 22, 2012. (Photo: Reuters)

Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, announced on Twitter that she and Nick Gordon were "happily married" and posted a photo of their hands intertwined, showing off their wedding rings. Gordon and Brown had announced their engagement in October 2012, but they called it off at the request of family members who did not approve. The reason for their disapproval was because Gordon was informally adopted by Houston when he was 12 and had lived with the family throughout his teens.

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"Happily Married," Bobbi Kristina Brown tweeted about her recent nuptials to Nick Gordon. (Photo: Twitter/@REALbkBrown)

Around the time when they called off their first engagement, in 2012, a source told Us Weekly, "I think it has to do a lot with the family not liking Nick, considering he was a godson and then they became a couple. I'm sure there is a lot of, 'Would Whitney be OK with this?' going around." There were also a lot of growing concerns that Brown had a drinking problem following the tragic death of her mother after she was seen getting visibly drunk on her family's reality show, The Houstons. Her grandmother, Cissy, according to a source dubbed the relationship "incestuous" and filed a petition to seize control of what could have been Brown's $20 million inheritance.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown captioned this Twitter picture,
Bobbi Kristina Brown captioned this Twitter picture, "Thats my baby!!" (Photo: Twitter/@REALbkBrown)

Despite concerns from their family in July 2013 Brown, 20, announced that she and Gordon's engagement was back on. "Yes, me and Nick are engaged. I'm tired of hearing people say, 'Eww you're engaged to your brother' or 'If Whitney was still alive, would we be together or would she approve of this?'" she wrote on Facebook. "Let me clear up something, we aren't even real brother and sister, nor is he my adoptive brother. My mom never adopted him. In fact, mommy was the one who even said that she knew that we were going to start dating."

Yesterday on Jan. 9, Brown officially announced that she and Gordon were "happily married." And despite Brown's claims that there is nothing strange about her and Gordon's relationship fans were still shocked that the couple had gotten married. Back when their relationship started something about it didn't sit well with the Houston family which means the recent news of their marriage may not have gone over too well either.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown posted this photo of her and Nick Gordon on twitter captioned,
Bobbi Kristina Brown posted this photo of her and Nick Gordon on twitter captioned, "GO DAWGS!!" (Photo: Twitter/@REALbkBrown)

After announcing her nuptials on Twitter Brown also hinted at some more big news to come, "BIGGGG things in store guys .. I'm so excited .. ! We bouta change the world babbbbby! #bringEmOut! #Getready!xO!" she tweeted. Fans will just have to stay tuned and see what's next for Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Check out Brown's family expressing their concerns about her relationship to Nick Gordon on The Houstons below.

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