Abby Lee Miller, Kelly Hyland Feud Heats Up! ‘Dance Mom’ Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Lifetime Instructor [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel January 9, 2014 2:12 PM EST
Kelly Hyland, left, and Abby Lee Miller, right, have often fought over Kelly's daughter Paige (center) on Dance Moms (Photo: Facebook).
Kelly Hyland, left, and Abby Lee Miller, right, have often fought over Kelly's daughter Paige (center) on Dance Moms (Photo: Facebook).

Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland's Dance Moms feud has gotten ugly. Hyland was reportedly arrested in November after fighting the instructor in New York City.

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According to TMZ, mother Kelly Hyland fought dance teacher Abby Lee Miller when she found out the instructor was looking for new girls for the dance studio. Hyland felt Miller was ignoring her children and went crazy when Miller brought a potential student to a class. Hyland supposedly grabbed Miller's hair, leading to a full-blown fight.

Kelly Hyland was arrested for assault and harassment in the feud with Abby Lee Miller, though charges have not yet been filed. Cameras were apparently present, so the fight could appear on a future episode of Dance Moms.

Watch an old Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland fight on Dance Moms below.

This is not the first time Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland have publicly feuded. In a January 2012 episode of Dance Moms, Hyland called Miller a "whore" during an argument over the mother's payment schedule. And a clip from the summer 2012 season of the series showed Hyland yelling at Miller, "Stop eating! That's why you're fat!"

And during this past season of the hit Lifetime series, Kelly Hyland fought Abby Lee Miller once again when the instructor forced Hyland's daughter Paige to learn a new routine shortly before a dance recital. When Paige refused, Miller took away her solo and gave it to supposed favorite student Maddie Ziegler.

Watch Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland's dance recital feud below.

After this Dance Moms episode aired, Kelly Hyland went on a lengthy Twitter rant against Abby Lee Miller. She seemed particularly upset about how the above feud was edited for the Lifetime episode.

"This entire show is a LIE this is not what really happened," Hyland wrote in part. "Whoever thinks Abby was trying to give Paige a chance obviously do not know Abby and were not there to see what really happened. Lifetime just can not show what Abby really does because it is so horrible."

Abby Lee Miller has been equally harsh in this feud with Kelly Hyland. The called Hyland a bad mother during a Master Class last year.

"The moms don't have jobs," Miller said. Kelly worked at the Clinique counter for about two weeks after high school and then she started planning her wedding because she had nothing left to do. And she carried [daughter] Brooke on her hip until she was like ten, eleven years old. She used to leave Paige in the car and just forget about her."

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