Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Abortion Revelation Shocking? Why Reality Star Terminated Pregnancy In Her 20s [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel December 27, 2013 12:28 PM EST
Patti Stanger in a video blog for her show, Millionaire Matchmaker (Photo: Screenshot/
Patti Stanger in a video blog for her show, Millionaire Matchmaker (Photo: Screenshot/

Patti Stanger, also known as the Millionaire Matchmaker, revealed a shocking abortion secret during an interview with OK! Magazine. The reality star announced that she terminated a pregnancy while she was in her 20s.

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The Millionaire Matchmaker answered Twitter questions from fans in the revealing interview. At one point, a reader asked Patti Stanger for her biggest regret. While answering that question, Patti Stanger spilled personal details about her life.

"My biggest regret is I didn't have children," the 52-year-old replied. "I had an abortion in my 20s. I was pregnant, and I didn't have enough money and I didn't think it was ok to have a child and be a single parent. And now look, everybody's doing that! I didn't find the right guy at the right time to have one with, I guess."

Watch a clip from Patti Stanger's show Millionaire Matchmaker below.

While the Millionaire Matchmaker has never talked about her abortion before, she has been open about her desire to have kids. In fact, Patti Stanger reportedly called off her 2010 engagement to longtime boyfriend Andy Friedman because he did not want children.

"I want a kid now and Andy doesn't," the Millionaire Matchmaker told Life & Style. "My dealbreaker has always been kids. Ever since our first date, he knew I wanted kids, and then something along the way changed."

Patti Stanger revealed in that same article that she would not mind being a stepmother or adopted mother to children. But she has apparently changed her mind. After talking about her abortion, the Millionaire Matchmaker told OK! that she did not want to raise a kid as a single parent.

"But I don't think I would adopt and be single," Stanger continued. "I [thought] I would have eventually found a guy, settled down, got the picket fence. I just didn't meet person at the right time, I wasn't that lucky, like a lot of other people."

Patti Stanger may have found the right person now, however. The Millionaire Matchmaker is seeing banker David Krause after meeting him through an online dating site. In March, rumors flew that the couple was engaged, but Stanger revealed that the diamond on her finger was just a promise ring. But the two are supposedly living together, so an engagement may be coming sooner rather than later.

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