Kanye West Nelson Mandela Comparison Comment For Real? Daily Currant Stirs Controversy Over The 'Bound 2' Artist [VIDEO]

By iDesign Times Reporter December 6, 2013 10:47 PM EST
Did Kanye West say
Did Kanye West say "I am the next Nelson Mandela," in a recent radio interview? (Photo: Reuters)

Did Kanye West compare himself to Nelson Mandela in a radio interview? A Daily Currant article has the Internet in a tizzy as the post titled "Kanye West: I am the next Nelson Mandela" is leading people to believe the Yeezus artist has made the death of the deceased African politician all about himself. These reports however are not true. The Daily Currant is a self-professed satirical publication and the base of many a viral hoax or rumor that has taken social media by storm.

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The article builds off an event that allegedly happened in Tampa, Florida at one of Kanye West's recent concerts, where the rapper stormed off stage after several technical difficulties occurred. According to EntertainmentWise, the "Bound 2" creator reportedly made some comparison between himself and Nelson Mandela after going on one of his epic rants after a show. These reports have not been confirmed, however. As far as the, "I am the next Nelson Mandela" comment, it's completely made up. The story, however, has been duplicated on a couple other blog sites, which is helping the rumor spread further.

WATCH: Kanye West Storms Off Stage In Tampa After Lighting Issues

The Daily Currant article, while completely fictional, does seem to pull together some thoughts others were already sharing, which may also be contributing to why the article has gone so viral.

Here are a few key (made-up) Kanye West interview quotes from the article that has social media jumping mad right now.

When asked who he thought on the world stage today could possibly replace Nelson Mandela in terms of leadership Kanye West said, "I am the next Nelson Mandela ... I'm only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I've accomplished, it's the only comparison that makes any sense. By the time I'm 95, I'm going to be a bigger hero than he ever was."  

"Nelson Mandela did a lot of good work, don't get me wrong. But I think I'm on track to do something even bigger. I liberate minds with my music. That's more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever."

 "I just want everyone out there to know. I see y'all crying on the TV. Being all sad. Just know that Kanye's gonna carry on Mandela's legacy. There's nothing to worry about. I got this."

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As outrageous as these Kanye West, Nelson Mandela fictional comments and quotes sound, apparently the rapper's history of lofty comparisons has many people fully trusting that Kim Kardashian's boyfriend would say such a thing. For a moment, even Perez Hilton fell for the fictional quotes, which he tweeted. They were quickly removed a few moments later, after which, the celebrity gossip writer posted an apology to the Yeezus singer.

The day before, Kanye West’s girlfriend and celebrity TV star, Kim Kardashian, paid tribute to the fallen leader by posting photos and tweets about Nelson Mandela on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

 Kayne West's girlfriend Kim Kardashian posted a tribute to Nelson Mandela on both her Twitter and Instagram page Thursday night (Photo: Instagram)
Kayne West's girlfriend Kim Kardashian posted a tribute to Nelson Mandela on both her Twitter and Instagram page Thursday night (Photo: Instagram)

Getting back to Yeezy, those who haven't realized yet that the Kanye West comments about being the next Nelson Mandela are false, are stomping mad right now, and they've taken to social media to share their outrage. Though Yeezus has said plenty in the past to keep himself in hot water, this go-around he actually hasn't committed the crime.

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