Tippy The Fainting Squirrel Video Funny Or Sad? YouTube Viewers Ask What's Wrong With Animal [VIDEO]

By Carly Shields December 3, 2013 7:37 PM EST
Tippy the squirrel is a video of a squirrel that is suffering from falling over every couple of seconds. (Photo: Reuters)
Tippy the squirrel is a video of a squirrel that is suffering from falling over every couple of seconds. (Photo: Reuters)

Tippy the Squirrel is one famous nut-eating animal today. The video of a black squirrel who is very unbalanced has gone viral and has even sparked a debate about what is really going on with poor Tippy and his possible health problems.

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Tippy received its name because every couple of seconds the animal falls over on the grass and then pops back up again to continue eating his nuts for a few passing seconds before he falls over again. The unstable squirrel looks like he had one too many drinks or is like the fainting goat species. Only problem is: He's a little squirrel.

The Tippy the Squirrel video had almost no hits five days ago when it was first released. But now it has more than 200,000 hits. What is it about the fainting squirrel that intrigues people so much? Is he sick? Is he distracted? Or is he just, um, unbalanced?

Assumptions that Tippy the Squirrel had just eaten way too many nuts or had not eaten enough and therefore is falling due to fatigue, were the first theories. But experts have rejected the idea completely.

Now people are suggesting that Tippy the Squirrel may have ingested a small amount of poison and is now suffering from side effects like low blood pressure.

Another possible theory is a sleep disorder such as narcolepsy. This possible diagnosis for Tippy the Squirrel was backed up by the video's uploader who commented on the video saying that the squirrel was seen leaning up against the tree trunk every few seconds while trying to climb it. 

Some viewers are very concerned about Tippy the Squirrel, saying the animal could have a cancerous tumor or a brain parasite. There is a muscular disease that causes muscles of an animal to freeze up when they are startled or scared, which eventually causes them to fall over. They recover after a couple of seconds. Videos of fainting goats, dogs and ponies all have gone viral in the past, but never has there ever been a fainting squirrel. Until now.

Most viewers of the Tippy the Squirrel video are simply confused. Is it funny, scary or sad? Let us know in the comments section below!

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