‘Swingers’ Reunion Sequel Rumors True? Why Vince Vaughn Wants To Make Updated Version Of Comedy With Jon Favreau, Heather Graham [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Melissa Siegel November 29, 2013 2:19 PM EST
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Could there be a reunion sequel to the hit comedy Swingers? Star Vince Vaughn is reportedly planning a new version of the film with all of the original stars.

"There have been previous attempts to make Swingers into a TV series in the late '90s, but they didn't fly and now, Vince sees the project as a big screen movie along the lines of The Big Chill, bringing all the main characters back and exploring what their careers are like as men in their mid-40s," a source told Radar Online.

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Vince Vaughn's idea of a Swingers reunion sequel would include fellow actors Jon Favreau, Ron Livingston, and Heather Graham along with the original movie's director, Doug Liman. But Favreau and Liman reportedly do not get along, which makes the idea of a new film more complicated.

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"They can't make a real Swingers project without Doug involved, and he is picky and hard to work with," the source continued. "Jon and Doug have feuded for years, which would have to be smoothed over before they come together on an updated Swingers."

But as is typical in the Hollywood world, this problem may easily be solved with some cash. "The only real thing that could convince Doug to come back for another Swingers installment would be a huge paycheck, because he spent some of his own money on the original film," the source concluded.

Still, this feud did not stop Liman from reuniting with Favreau and Vaughn at a comedy festival in 2006. So perhaps there is hope for a Swingers reunion movie, after all.

Watch the original theatrical trailer for Swingers.

Why is Vince Vaughn suddenly interested in a Swingers reunion movie? The actor is reportedly jealous that fellow actor Mark Wahlberg is creating a sequel movie of one of his biggest successes, the television series Entourage. This new film will also feature all of the show's original stars and will pick up shortly after the HBO show concluded.

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"I'm a nostalgic guy," Entourage alum Kevin Connolly said about the new film. "I made a movie about my childhood team. This is like going back to my senior year in high school."

So what do the former stars of Swingers look like now? Check out our slideshow above see the foursome today.

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