Sharkeisha World Star Hip Hop Fight Goes Viral; Watch Video Of The NSFW Beatdown [VIDEO & TWITTER REACTIONS]

By Staff Reporter November 27, 2013 7:31 AM EST
Sharkeisha Fight Video

A girl named Sharkeisha throws a punch on an unsuspecting peer in a video that has gone viral on World Star Hip Hop. (Photo: Screenshot/World Star Hip Hop)

Video of a girl named Sharkeisha beating up another young woman has gone viral on World Star Hip Hop. The footage has already been viewed more than 800,000 times on the website since it was posted online early Wednesday morning.

The Sharkeisha video started out fairly normal, with the two women having a conversation. But when one of them turned her back, Sharkeisha punched the other woman in the face. Sharkeisha then began kicking and screaming at the woman on the ground until another young woman jumped in and broke up the fight. You can watch the NSFW Sharkeisha video on World Star Hip Hop here.

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"You f---ed with the right one," Sharkeisha yells at the other woman in the World Star Hip Hop fight video. "You were supposed to be my n----- but what the f--- were you doing? Who the f--- were you trying to f---?"

Before Sharkeisha, there was Jaide. In February, another World Star Hip Hop video of two teenage girls fighting in a locker room also went viral on social media. You can watch that NSFW footage here

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Of course, this Sharkeisha fight video has generated plenty of Twitter reactions. Here are some of our favorites.

"Oh laaawd I put my nickname as Shark Bait," wrote @Deuces2DaHaters. "I hope Sharkeisha dont come up at me..."

"My teachers better not give me work today or imma pull out Sharkeisha on them," wrote @Jeysun_.

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"Lord, I come to you to ask you why Sharkeisha has so much strength?" wrote @B_BallinOutt. "She has the strength of ten Falcon punches."

"Who names their child #Sharkeisha anyway?!" wrote @EclipseEntLdn.

"that punch Sharkeisha threw was so hard she created a PL 9000 wind vortex with damage levels up to 7000, this storm outside is the result," wrote @steveshulud.

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"With a name like Sharkeisha I have to question whether you were born in a hospital or an aquarium," wrote @_josebriales.

"My cousin sent me the Sharkeisha video," wrote @Camiel_Erin. "I don't understand why the girl didn't know she was about to get hit. She just stood there."

"Sharkeisha is the type of chick you want on your team if you run into trouble on #BlackFriday," wrote @iamjohnwess.

What do you think about this Sharkeisha fight video? Post your thoughts in our comments section below.

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