Justin Bieber Found Dead From Marijuana Overdose? #RIPJustinBieber Trends On Twitter After Fake Drug Abuse Article Circulates [VIDEO]

By iDesign Times Reporter November 22, 2013 12:02 AM EST
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Justin Bieber has had multiple marijuana related rumors surrounding him, but did he actually die of a drug overdose? (Photo: Instagram)

Is Justin Bieber really dead? A rumor began circulating around Twitter Thursday night that Canadian hip hop artist Justin Bieber had died of a marijuana overdose, but those rumors are completely false. Still, four hours after the story first got going, it's still trending and many Justin Bieber fans seem to be buying the tale that the singer did die of a drug overdose.

So how did the rumor get started? It appears that around 7 p.m. ET a screenshot of a fake news article began circulating around Twitter with the headline "Justin Bieber Found Dead After Snorting Too Many Marijuanas." Anyone who takes a couple moments to re-read that headline can probably catch the hint of humor and pull together that the singer did not die. In the "report" the singer is said to have smoked 7 times the amount of "marijuanas" necessary to kill a person.

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While the "Baby" singer has certainly had enough drug related rumors and troubles surrounding himself over the last year, if the singer had in fact died of any kind of drug overdose, you can rest assured, every major new source known to man would be reporting on it. Plus, this isn't the first time a "Justin Bieber is dead" hoax has circulated on Twitter and the web. He's died many times over the last several years, had cancer or any other number of crazy rumored conditions. Justin Bieber is a worldwide music icon, and greatly loved by his fans.

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The star however has seen his fair share of drug-related news stories crop up this year, including a new one that emerged earlier this week about neighbors complaining over the noise level at his residence. According to Justin Beiber's neighbors, the singer was playing loud music at his home Friday night while about 100 people partied at his home -- including rapper Snoop Lion. Finally at one am when they had had enough they called the police who warned the singer to tone it down. The noise continued however and so at 3 a.m the authorities were contacted again - this tie with the report that a smell of marijuana was in the air.


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