Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton Feud Explained! Why ‘Applause’ Singer Was Fighting With Celebrity Blogger [AUDIO]

By Melissa Siegel November 12, 2013 3:26 PM EST
Lady Gaga Perez Hilton Feud

Lady Gaga revealed the origin of her years-long feud with Perez Hilton. (Photo: Reuters)

Lady Gaga's feud with Perez Hilton is as strong as ever. The "Applause" singer spoke about the source of their falling out during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show.

"What happened was we were doing an interview ... and in the middle of the interview he started asking me really terrible questions," Gaga said, per Us Weekly. "He was being very negative about Born This Way and we had had a lot to drink. He was supposed to be my friend and I felt betrayed, so I started crying. My friend had to come in and pull the camera out, they wouldn't turn the cameras off."

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Perez Hilton apparently told Lady Gaga that he promised to be less mean to celebrities he covered on his website. But after this 2011 interview, the singer determined that the blogger would not change his ways. This was the breaking point in their friendship and started the Lady Gaga/ Perez Hilton feud.

"He apologized, but I sort of felt like it was like, 'But I'm Perez Hilton so I'm allowed to treat you this way.'" Lady Gaga continued. "I looked at him and said, 'Just because you are who you are, does not mean that our friendship doesn't mean anything when the cameras turn on. So, now I see who you really are.' And I was done after that. And he's just mad that I don't want to hang out anymore. I don't want to be around fake people. I really believed, when I first met him, that he wanted to change. I really believed that he wanted to bully people less on his site and that he wanted to move into a more positive space. I was really there for him and I really supported him."

Perez Hilton's feud with Lady Gaga got even weirder when the blogger allegedly tried to move next door to the singer. Gaga immediately worried that Hilton would harm her physically. "I freaked out so much about it because I have no rights," she continued. "My sister [Natali] was sleeping there and it made me scared and upset. And then he lied and told everybody that he wasn't stalking me, but that next day — after I asked him to leave me alone — he put an offer in on two apartments in the building! Why do you need to live in my apartment? There's only one reason: to try to hurt me, or harass me, or blow yourself up. If you hate me, hate me from over there. Continue to fire away on your blog and your Twitter."

Listen to Howard Stern's interview with Lady Gaga below.

Perez Hilton added to this latest chapter in the Lady Gaga feud with several inflammatory tweets towards the pop star. At one point, he posted a photo of Gaga and Cher wearing similar outfits and noted that the "Believe" singer "did it better."

"@LadyGaGa So you called ME fake on the @HowardStern this morning," Hilton tweeted on Tuesday. "Ha! Thanks for the laugh! Have you looked in the mirror lately??? Xoxo"

Perez Hilton later added, "And I was the one who pulled away from u after I realized what a real-life vampire you are! It's been your M.O. your whole career!"

And this was not all. Per E! Online, Perez Hilton further upped his Lady Gaga feud by tweeting about the singer's drug use. Lady Gaga has been open about her struggles with substance abuse, most recently discussing her addiction to marijuana. But Perez Hilton may have taken it a step too far by tweeting Lady Gaga's father. "If your daughter ends up dead it's from a drug overdose," he tweeted on Monday. "Not cuz I blew us up! ... She's sick! delusional!"

Hilton later concluded: "If you think marijuana is the only drug @LadyGaGa has been doing regularly in 2013, then you're as delusional as she is." So it seems this Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga feud is not going away anytime soon.

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