‘Walking Dead’ Melissa McBride Talks Exile; Is Carol Gone For Good From Season 4 Of Zombie Apocalypse TV Series? [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter November 4, 2013 4:53 PM EST
Is Carol gone from Walking Dead for good? Melissa McBride talks about the banishing of her character.
Is Carol gone from Walking Dead for good? Melissa McBride talks about the banishing of her character. PHOTO: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead really left our jaws on the floor last night — and it's not because they were ripped off by skin-eating walkers. During Season 4, Episode 3 Melissa McBride's character, Carol Peletier, nonchalantly admitted to Rick that she was the one responsible for the deaths of two sickly group members, Karen and David.

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And how did the former sheriff respond to the shocking confession? Let's just say it was the complete opposite of Tyreese who is still struggling with the burning of his girlfriend. Calm and collective Rick had asked Carol to join him to a run to gather food and medical supplies for the camp. But it's not until the very end do we realize what Rick's true intentions were when he invited the salty haired warrior out.

During Season 4, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead Rick explains to Carol that he can no longer trust her. Not only is Carol playing God by taking the lives of survivors but she's also making other rash decisions on her own. And while she may believe they are for good for the group — Rick doesn't feel safe with this knife-happy woman slipping throughout jail cells where his kids are.

Rick tells Carol she needs to find a new group, people who don't know what she's done. This decision is more humane than forcing Carol to come back to face a fuming Tyreese. And while Carol believes she could take on the hulking mass of muscle — we think she stands a better chance running from walkers. With only a few supplies to her name, Rick sends Carol on her way.

And as it turns out, we weren't the only one's surprised by Rick's decision. "I didn't see that coming! I was pretty floored and I love it," McBride said. "I liked where it went. I looked at it from the story and thought, 'God, how ironic.' This choice that Rick has made, there's so much going on and so many parallels. There are so many ways to turn what's going on here to find these parallels between Rick and Carol, between what she's done and what everyone has done in some way. I can't help but really like the way that this went down."

McBride went on to say that she doesn't think Carol deserved to be banished from the group and maybe we should expect a 3.0 version of her character to return. "We don't know if she'll be back! (Laughs.) I can't say! I can't wait until everyone sees how this season plays out. It's going in so many directions." The Walking Dead actress then added she's keeping her fingers crossed that Carol will return to the prison for Lizzie and Mika. "She knows someone has to take care of them because that was Ryan's dying request. Her heart is broken, and I would hope she finds a way back, but I don't know. Plus she's got the crappy car! Rick took the good one!"

Were you surprised when Rick exiled Carol? Let us know if you'd want McBride's character to return in the comments section below!

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