Matt Lauer Pamela Anderson Halloween Costume Frightening? Watch Video Of ‘TODAY’ Host As Former ‘Baywatch’ Character C.J. [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Melissa Siegel October 31, 2013 11:02 AM EDT
Matt Lauer Pamela Anderson

Matt Lauer did his best slow motion run while dressed as Pamela Anderson on the TODAY show. (Photo: Reuters)

Matt Lauer dressed up as Pamela Anderson in Baywatch for a Halloween edition of TODAY. The outfit included C.J.'s blonde hair along with a red bathing suit. You can check out photos of Matt Lauer's latest look here.

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Fellow TODAY host Willie Geist also got in on the Baywatch fun, dressing up as David Hasselhoff's character from the classic show. But only Matt Lauer got to impersonate Pamela Anderson's iconic slow-motion run. Check out a GIF of Lauer's sprint here.

Oddly, this Pamela Anderson costume is not the first time Matt Lauer has dressed up like a woman for Halloween. In 2000, he came to the TODAY set dressed as Jennifer Lopez, including an extremely low-cut dress. Four years later, he donned a Paris Hilton outfit, including another blonde wig, a pink jacket, and a light blue miniskirt. See images of Matt Lauer's various female Halloween costumes here.

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With all of this experience, he gave some advice to other men who wanted to dress in drag for Halloween.

"I want to mention if anybody ever out there wants to dress as a young lady tonight and you're a guy, and somebody in the wardrobe department comes at you with something called concealer, run for your life,'' he said on TODAY.

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Ironically, this Pamela Anderson Halloween costume came the same week that the Baywatch actress cut her long hair. On Wednesday, she revealed her short pixie cut.

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The rest of the TODAY show cast also dressed up for Halloween. The theme was classic television characters, so Al Roker donned a Mr. T. outfit. Meanwhile, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb channeled Wilma and Betty from The Flintstones, while Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales appeared as another famous pair, Laverne and Shirley. The duo even rode a bicycle built for two. TODAY newcomer Carson Daly also joined former CHIPS star Erik Estrada in a tribute to the 1980s classic.

Indeed, themed Halloween costumes have become a tradition on TODAY. Previous themes included the Royal Wedding and Star Wars.

Watch video of the TODAY hosts in their classic television Halloween costumes.

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