'No Woman No Drive': Hilarious Saudi Arabia Bob Marley Song Remake Goes Viral On YouTube As Women Defy Driving Ban [VIDEO]

By Cammy Harbison October 26, 2013 6:49 PM EDT
A hilarious YouTube parody video called
A hilarious YouTube parody video called "No Woman No Drive" brings attention to the women driving ban protest that took place in the country this week (Photo: YouTube)

"No Woman, No Drive" posted by Alaa Wardi for Hisham Fageeh on YouTube Saturday has gone totally viral as the acapella remake of Bob Marley's song "No Woman No Cry" gives a satirical twist to the situation which emerged in Saudi Arabia this week.

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On October 26, 2013, over 60 women loaded into their vehicles across the country to drive. While in the United States and other developed countries this may not seem significant, in Saudi Arabia today these women were taking a loud and active stance against a recent ban on women driving the country has enacted.

Claiming that driving can do harm to a female's lady parts, ultraconservatives in the country got the ban placed on women, forbidding them from driving cars in Saudi Arabia. While participants in Saturday's activist women driving movement were warned that they could be arrested or given tickets for defying the ban, thus far, nothing of the kind has been reported.

WATCH: Saudi Arabia women defy authorities over female driving ban

Meanwhile, a sympathizing male activist, Hisham Fageeh, wishing to make a statement about the absurdity of such a ban, has posted his own hilarious response to the backward nature of this kind of ban.

Taking the popular Bob Marley song "No Woman, No Cry" and reworking the words to include the phase, "No Woman No Drive," Hisham Fageeh brilliantly highlights a number of issues that come along with the driving ban for women, while throwing in the additional joke about not using musical "instruments" to create the video (conservative Wahhabis in Saudi are not allowed to use musical instruments, though rhythmic chanting/singing is permitted). The YouTube video has been up less than 24 hours and has already amassed nearly half a million views. In the introduction to the song "No Woman No Drive," Hisham Fageeh has this to say: 

"Hello, my name is Hisham Fageeh. I'm an artist and social activist. I don't really listen to music, but while studying in the US I heard this song by this Jamaican guy that caught my attention. I decided to do my own rendition with lyrics relevant to my culture, but without musical instruments. And now, with the help of some of my talented friends, I sing"

Adding to that, Redditor albertov05, explained a but more about the situation in Saudi Arabia for curious viewers:

"For those who haven't been keeping up with the news in the region, there was a mass protest yesterday in Saudi Arabia dealing with this issue. Drive-ins were conducted all across the country as women defied the ban imposed on them. This video was posted as part of the campaign."

Check out this hilarious and thought-provoking YouTube parody of the women driving ban in Saudi Arabia, and I'm sure you'll see why it's become so popular.

WATCH: "No Woman No Drive"

Lyrics to "No Woman, No Drive"

No woman no drive

No woman no drive

No woman no drive

No woman no drive

Say, Say, Say, I remember when you used to sit

In the family car, but the backseat

Ov-Ovaries all safe and well

So you can make lots and lots of babies

Good friends we've had and good friend we've lost

On the highway

In this bright future you can't forget your past

So put your car keys away

No woman, no drive

No woman, no drive"

Little sister don't touch that wheel

No woman, no drive

I remember when you used to sit

In the family car but the backseat

Of course the driver can take you everywhere

Because the Queens don't drive

But you can cook for me my dinner

Of which I'd share with you

You feet is your only carriage

But only inside the house (and when I say it I MEAN IT)

Everything's gonna be alright

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