David Cassidy Love Child? See Photos Of Shelly Wright And Decide If She Could Be Daughter Of ‘Partridge Family’ Heartthrob [PHOTOS]

By Melissa Siegel October 23, 2013 9:42 AM EDT

David Cassidy, seen here in 1995, may have a secret daughter (Photo: Reuters).
David Cassidy, seen here in 1995, may have a secret daughter (Photo: Reuters).

Did David Cassidy father a secret love child? A woman named Shelly Wright believes the former Partridge Family star is actually her father.

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Shelly Wright told Radar Online that she was raised by her mother, Donna G. Wallace and songwriter James Bohon. But Wright soon began to wonder whether Bohon was really her father.

"I didn't look anything like him, and my whole family always talked about it," Wright said. "He always picked up my sister instead of me and had more of a relationship with her through the years. I was confused."

So Shelly Wright asked her mother for the truth. Wallace then reportedly told her that she was David Cassidy's love child.

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Wright believes that Wallace met David Cassidy when she went out with a group of friends in the 1970s. The two then allegedly got drunk and had sex in Cassidy's VIP room.

"It was just a one-night thing," Wright claimed. "She ended up pregnant and she went back to James Bohon because she already had a child with him."

After finding out that she might be David Cassidy's love child, Shelly Wright did some research. She looked up the former television star online and thinks the two look like they could be related. Wright also believes she looks like David Cassidy's known daughter, actress Katie Cassidy. Both Wright and David Cassidy also both have a lazy eye, which can be inherited.

Check out photos of David Cassidy and Shelly Wright here and decide if you think the Partridge Family star fathered a secret love child.

Shelly Wright, who claims to be David Cassidy's love child, thinks she looks like the actor's daughter, Katie Cassidy (Photo: Reuters).
Shelly Wright, who claims to be David Cassidy's love child, thinks she looks like the actor's daughter, Katie Cassidy (Photo: Reuters).

Shelly Wright insisted that her claims are legitimate, and she is not looking for money. But when Wright supposedly contacted the actor's publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen seemingly threatened David Cassidy's alleged love child.

"If this is a sincere and legitimate interest to determine your family history, that is one thing," Geffen emailed Wright.  "If, on the other hand, as an adult you are trying to realize financial gain in any way or use David as a ploy to get publicity, I hope you will have the decency to stop now. If you truly think there is a chance you are related, you have integrity as he does and would not do anything to hurt anybody."

Shelly Wright is so sure that she is David Cassidy's love child that she even asked the actor for a DNA test. Geffen then reportedly mailed back a hair sample that she claimed came from Cassidy. But Wright felt something was up and thus called Geffen before the results came back. She lied to the publicist and told her that the test was positive. Geffen then allegedly admitted that the hair sample in question did not actually come from David Cassidy.

"I knew I couldn't trust her," Wright said. " I was like, d**n, I knew it. I paid for that DNA test, and I was back where I started again."

Since then, Shelly Wright has reportedly asked for another DNA test, and she even contacted David Cassidy's son, Beau Cassidy, on Twitter. But she has not yet heard back.

David Cassidy has also not publicly responded to these love child rumors, so we do not know if they are true or not. But Wright wants her supposed father to come forward and admit what she believes is the truth.

"My husband has a really good job, and I don't want money," she said. "We have a good life. I just want David to come forward and acknowledge me. There's a small hope that he does want to have something to do with me, and with his grandkids. I know he's my father. But I really want to get some closure, to know for sure and to have other people know too."

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