Watch 'Sons Of Anarchy' Season 6, Episode 7: Spoilers Promise Death Of Major SOA Characters, But Who Will Die In 'Sweet And Vaded'? [VIDEO & SPOILERS]

By Beth Roeser October 22, 2013 5:48 PM EDT
Sons of Anarchy spoilers ahead, soaked in blood for your enjoyment. (Photo: Reuters)
Sons of Anarchy spoilers ahead, soaked in blood for your enjoyment. (Photo: Reuters)

Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 7 "Sweet and Vaded" Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX!

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Charlie Hunnam unloaded some major Sons of Anarchy spoiler material this week, revealing "more violence and a lot more blood and some earth-shattering events" in store for SAMCRO in Season 6. How earth-shattering? We might be talking dead Sons.

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has never been afraid to kill off major characters, but the epic fatalities SAMCRO has suffered in the last few seasons has us wondering if any of the Sons will be kicking by the time the series ends — and neither cast nor crew are making any promises on that front.

"We're coming up to the end of the show," Hunnam told E! News. "Kurt [Sutter] always had a clear idea of the story he wanted to tell. He had paced himself and allowed himself seven seasons to tell that story.

"We're in the sixth season now," Hunnam continued, "and in the third act of this epic story he's been telling; traditionally in the third act of a story, particularly a violent story, is when people start to die and when things really start to happen."

Things really start to happen?

About those rumors of SAMCRO member deaths, Hunnam teased, "I think unfortunately we're going to lose a couple of cast members this year, but obviously we can't say who!" Castmate Kim Coates added, "Lips are sealed, lips are sealed!"

If a member of SAMCRO is to die, plenty of viewers out there would peg Coates' character Tig as a likely candidate. Our favorite Sons of Anarchy psycho has had Death kicking at his heels since the notorious Sons of Anarchy Season 5 premiere in which Tig was forced to watch as his daughter Dawn was soaked in gasoline and burned alive by gangster Damon Pope. Pope spent the rest of the season gunning for Tig's death, a torch his successor August Marks carried for the first part of Season 5 before seemingly letting our dude off the hook.

But Tig's not the only Son who's stumbled a little too far onto the dark side. In Sons of Anarchy Seasons 4-5, Juice was turned inside out by a blackmail scheme by Sheriff Roosevelt, who threatened to tell SAMCRO that Juice's dad was black unless Juice agreed to steal a sample of cocaine the Sons were trafficking. The scheme was disastrous: Juice ended up shooting new SAMCRO member Miles in the face to cover his tracks, and ultimately attempted suicide. Poor Juicy didn't fare much better in Season 5, when Jax identifies Juice as the rat at the table and uses the knowledge to get Juice under his thumb. By the Sons of Anarchy Season 5 finale, Juice had helped Jax frame Clay for the murder of Damon Pope.

Sons of Anarchy star Maggie Siff (R) has said
Sons of Anarchy star Maggie Siff (R) has said "no one feels safe" in terms of showrunner Kurt Sutter's plans for the characters of the SAMCRO universe. (Photo: Reuters)

Could Tig or Juice meet the reaper by the end of Sons of Anarchy Season 6? It seems possible. Both SAMCRO members have shown particularly reckless and impulsive behavior stemming from their traumatic experiences and losses, a trajectory Opie Winston followed after losing his wife and father to SAMCRO's brutal drama. The tragic descent is particularly noticeable in Tig and Juice, who had always provided some of the show's best comic relief before darkness swallowed them up.

Then again, it might not be a SAMCRO member who bites the bullet. Clay Morrow isn't exactly sitting pretty, nor are Tara or Gemma. Could one of these characters feel the wrath of Kurt Sutter's Sons of Anarchy endgame? We'll be watching to find out. Obviously.

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