Toby Sheldon Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery Crazy? See Photos Of 33-Year-Old Songwriter Before And After He Spent $100,000 To Look Like ‘Hold Tight’ Singer [PHOTOS]

By Melissa Siegel October 19, 2013 5:32 PM EDT
Fan Toby Sheldon spent his life savings on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber, above (Photo: Reuters).
Fan Toby Sheldon spent his life savings on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber, above (Photo: Reuters).

Toby Sheldon may have taken Justin Bieber fandom to a whole new level. The 33-year-old songwriter spent nearly $100,000 of his life savings to look just like the teen icon. Check out before and after photos of Sheldon here.

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According to Gawker, Sheldon currently works as a songwriter in Los Angeles. He has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to look like Justin Bieber, along with hair transplants and Aquamid injections. He even had "smile surgery" to make his grin look just like the pop star's. That procedure alone reportedly cost Toby Sheldon $15,000.

"It's Justin's smile that gives him his youthful look," Toby Sheldon told Closer. So I had my upper lip lifted [and] my bottom lip plumped out." 

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But the Justin Bieber plastic surgeries came at a price.

"My smile surgery took more than a month to recover from," Sheldon said. "And, after my eyelid surgery, I couldn't open my eyes for a week."

But was this Justin Bieber plastic surgery effective? Sheldon claimed that many of his friends call him "Toby Bieber," but not everyone is convinced. titled a story about the procedures the "Epic Fail Of The Day."

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"Instead of looking like Justin Bieber, he looks more like a lesbian trying to look like a boy," wrote Friday Foster. "Womp womp."

Writer James Harris from was equally unimpressed.

"Also, if you're going to spend your life's savings on a ridiculous goal, at least make sure you obtain that goal!" Harris wrote. "Instead, dude looks like the cover star of the pamphlets cops bring to elementary school presentations to speak on the dangers of getting into vans with strangers."

Of course, Toby Sheldon is not the first person to want celebrity lookalike surgery. In 2010, one woman tweeted Kim Kardashian that she planned to have head-to-toe procedures in order to look like the famous reality star. The woman claimed her husband was obsessed with Kim Kardashian and that she needed the surgery to save her marriage. But Kardashian tried to put a stop to this.

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"NO," Kardashian replied. "Pls don't. Ur husband should love u 4 who u are! Don't try 2 b someone else. Im sure u are beautiful inside and out! Just as u are. Don't change yourself for anybody but happy with who u are! Someone will appreciate and adore u just as you are."

These kinds of drastic requests may be a symptom of mental health problems. Thus, some plastic surgeons, including Dr. Tony Youn from Troy, Mich., refuse to honor these request.

"[It's] unethical to take a person and perform an elective surgery that could be dangerous to make them look like a celebrity," Youn told CNN in 2010. "It's morally wrong to do that — especially when they are young and have low self-esteem -- to take advantage and take their money to make them look different."

But many do not want to go as far as Toby Sheldon did with his Justin Bieber plastic surgery. Others just use celebrity body parts as inspirations for minor procedures. A 2008 survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery studied which celebrity features were most often requested in plastic surgeries. Unsurprisingly, woman favored Pamela Anderson's breasts and Angelina Jolie's lips, while men wanted Brad Pitt's nose and abdomen and George Clooney's eyes.

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