Jay Z $10,000 Nipsey Hussle Purchase Crazy? Why Did Beyoncé’s Husband Buy 100 Copies Of ‘Crenshaw’ Album That MC Sold For $100 Each [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel October 11, 2013 9:16 AM EDT
Jay Z Nipsey Hussle

Jay Z supported Nipsey Hussle's revolution by dropping down $10,000 for 100 copies of the MC's newest album. (Photo: Reuters)

Jay Z apparently had no issues with Nipsey Hussle selling his latest CD for $100. The hip-hop mogul spent $10,000 for 100 copies of Crenshaw.

Nipsey Hussle made headlines last week for selling his album for $100 at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles and at his website, iamproud2pay.com. Only 1,000 CDs were available, and those who bought the record also got a ticket for Nipsey Hussle's hometown concert.

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Per MTV, he has released free mixtapes in the past, and you can still download Crenshaw online for free. But Nipsey Hussle wanted to send a message to the music industry with his high pricetag.

"It ISN'T the price of the plastic case and polyurethane disc ... it's the price of Revolution!" Nipsey Hussle told Rap Radar. "The price of Rebellion against an industry that has tricked us all into making products that have no soul for fear of not being heard if we don't.I have over 400k followers on twitter 140k on Instagram and 400k on Facebook but what good are they if they don't mobilize around my releases? if only 1000 of those people are engaged to the point of brand loyalty then that's who I'm focused on."

Some wondered if Nipsey Hussle's strategy would work. But earlier this week, the rapper tweeted that he made $100,000 off his CD sales. As it turns out, $10,000 of that money came from Jay Z.

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"I got a DM on Twitter from a respected hip-hop journalist, and he was just like, 'Hov respects the move, salute,'" Nipsey Hussle told MTV News. "A little while later, I got an email that came through my team that was like, 'Roc Nation, on behalf of Jay Z wants to buy 100 units. Who do we pay? When can we get the shipment out?'"

Listen to one of Nipsey Hussle's newest tracks below.

Jay Z did not talk to Nipsey Hussle about this $10,000 transaction. But the latter rapper revealed that Beyoncé's husband bought the albums out of support for his revolution.

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"I didn't get a chance to holla at Jay, but through his people he made it clear that he respects the movement and everything," Nipsey Hussle said. "I was humbled by it. I felt like it was a good risk, and it ended up working out."

But Jay Z was not the only one to shell out big bucks for Nipsey Hussle's Crenshaw CD. Nipsey did in fact sell all $1,000 copies of the discs, thanks to fans like Louis Gray. Gray bought the first $100 CD, and as a reward he got to hang out with the rapper.

"I was surprised, as anybody else would be, but I wanted it either way," Gray said of his purchase. "I'm a die-hard fan, and I wanted to be a part of history. There was only 1,000 [CDs] made, and I wanted to have one because that's my favorite rapper. I've gotta support."

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