Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Divorce Rumors True Or False? Speculation Heats Up After ‘Highway Don’t Care’ Singer Spotted Without Wedding Ring [REPORT]

By Melissa Siegel October 1, 2013 2:04 PM EDT
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill continue to deny divorce rumors (Photo: Reuters)
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill continue to deny divorce rumors (Photo: Reuters)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are facing divorce rumors once again. This time, Star claims McGraw was seen without his wedding band at this iHeartRadio Music Festival last weekend.

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"He is done with Faith's controlling ways," a source told the magazine. "He's made it clear that he doesn't know if he will ever put his ring back on."

This latest Tim and Faith divorce rumor comes just days before the couple's wedding anniversary on Oct. 6. But McGraw reportedly does not want to do anything to mark this special occasion.

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"Faith has been trying to make things work," the insider added. "She wanted to do something special for their anniversary, but he said no."

Gossip Cop has already squashed this report of a Tim and Faith divorce. A rep for the couple claimed that the tabloid's latest story was "not true."

"Tim and Faith are very happily married and these accusations are ridiculous," the rep said.

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Still, this is not the first time McGraw and Hill have faced divorce rumors. This summer, National Enquirer claimed the couple's marriage was "hanging by a thread." The story alleged that each suspected the other of cheating on their relationship.

"For years, Tim has been at the receiving end of cheating rumors, but the truth is that Faith's flirty nature toward other men — includ­ing some of Tim's closest friends — has caused a big part of the prob­lems in their marriage," a source said.

That insider reportedly said that McGraw caught another country singer massaging his wife's feet while the couple was on tour together. This allegedly led to fighting between Hill and McGraw, which in turn caused the "Breathe" singer to kick her husband off the tour bus.

A short time later, Hill allegedly became close with Kevin Costner. Even though the two are just friends, McGraw was reportedly jealous over his wife's relationship with the actor. Meanwhile, Hill believed McGraw had his eyes on Taylor Swift.

"Tim keeps telling Faith there's nothing to it, but Faith doesn't believe him," the source continued. "Taylor is just 23 and gorgeous, and Faith sees her as the biggest threat to her marriage."

Of course, this story comes from the National Enquirer, which does not exactly have a great reputation when it comes to breaking news. So, we have to take all of these Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce rumors with a grain of salt.

Indeed, as Gossip Cop noted, the tabloid posted no actual evidence of a McGraw and Hill divorce. A rep also told the website in August that the speculation was "totally false and ridiculous." So it does not look like McGraw and Hill will be getting divorced anytime soon.

Watch video below of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill dueting on "I Need You."

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