Why Is Kanye West Mad At Jimmy Kimmel? Yeezus Slams Comedian On Twitter Over "Kimmel Kid (re)Kreation" Skit [VIDEO]

By Cammy Harbison September 26, 2013 9:57 PM EDT
Kanye West jimmy kimmel twitter fued

Kanye West is mad at Jimmy Kimmel! Find out why the recording artist broke out into an angry Twitter rant at the comedian this evening. (Photo: Reuters)

Why is Kanye West mad at Jimmy Kimmel right now? Though good old Yeezus has become known for his angry rants and lack of self-control in heated moments, tonight Twitter fans have been getting an earful from the rapper as he repeatedly slams late night show host and comedian, Jimmy Kimmel.

So what did Jimmy Kimmel do to Kayne West to make him so angry? Apparently the Twitter feud originated after Jimmy Kimmel aired a spoof of Kanye West's recent interview with the BBC. The spoof skit was titled "Kimmel Kid (re)Creation." Prior to the spoof Jimmy Kimmel did a brief overview of the interview from Kanye West where the comedian says Yeezus reportedly said a lot of "really weird stuff."

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"He said he's the number one rock star on the planet — whatever planet he's on — and a lot of other great stuff about himself."

The comedian then goes on to question, "Does Kanye West know you're not supposed to be your own hype man? I don't understand. Is it a money-saving thing?"

Amid the crowd's laughter, Jimmy Kimmel continues to take shots at the musician, leading up to the skit "Kimmel Kid (re)Creation," acted out by children.

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Kayne West Spoof Skit

The skit is barely even 30 seconds but the content was offensive enough to Kanye West to get him all up in arms. For the better part of the last hour he's been issuing out loud all caps tweets hammering Jimmy Kimmel for the Kanye West interview spoof video.

As you can see Kanye West has gone the full gamut of angry Twitter rants, to which Jimmy Kimmel has barely responded, except with a few funny quips.

At one point even singer Josh Groban jumped into the fun for a minute tweeting his own humorous take on the situation

To which Jimmy Kimmel responded,

The whole "Kanye West is really angry at Jimmy Kimmel" has been just too hilarious for all of us Twitter lurkers as everyone is buzzing about what might happen next. Currently Jimmy Kimmel's name is trending high on the Twitter top trends list. Though for a moment the feud appears to be over, there's no telling when it might pick up again. In the meantime, here are a few of the humored tweets from onlookers to the crazed Kanye West Twitter rant at Jimmy Kimmel.

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