Britney Spears Lip-Syncing At Las Vegas Show? ‘Piece Of Me’ Live Tour Sparks Outrage As Ticket Sales Disappoint [VIDEO]

By Stephanie Kristine Spencer September 24, 2013 10:58 AM EDT
 Britney Spears arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (Photo: Reuters)
Britney Spears arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (Photo: Reuters)

Britney Spears proudly announced her Las Vegas residency on Good Morning America last week, but now insiders are suggesting that the "Gimme More" star may not have all that much to be proud of. The reason? She allegedly plans to be lip-sync throughout her two-year stay  at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino!

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The Britney: Piece of Me shows, which will kick off on Dec. 27, will allegedly consist of Spears using a vocal tracks opposed to singing live. "Britney does not sing. She is being paid a lot of money to lip-sync," an insider told the New York Daily News. "Her fans are none the wiser, but it is disingenuous of her to take their cash and not deliver a proper performance."

The insider went on to say that Spears has made her money by pretending to sing live, but admitted that it would not be the first time that a musician has had a successful show by merely lip-synching. "She hasn't sung live for a couple of years," said the source. "If the crowd thinks they are being cheated then there is likely to be an uproar, but then again, look at the success of Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson shows. The performers in that production don't sing live, and it has been a runaway success."

It certainly isn't the first time that Spears, 31, has been accused of lip-syncing. The starlet found herself in an embarrassing scandal in 2009 when fans reportedly left a performance early due to "disappointment over her lip-syncing." The Australia show ended up leaving a huge damper on her Circus tour.

Regardless of the rumors, however, Spears seemed ecstatic to get her show underway, and spoke candidly with GMA about what she has in store for fans. "I'm going to definitely do the greatest hits, but I'm going to have to put some of my new material in it to just keep it fresh," she said.

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