Brad Pitt Haircut Short Or Long Better? See Sexy Photos Of His Hair And Style Through The Years [PHOTOS]

By Melissa Siegel September 17, 2013 10:37 AM EDT
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Brad Pitt recently got a short haircut. The actor trimmed his long locks for his upcoming role in the film Fury. Check out photos of Brad Pitt's new look here via Daily Mail.

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Cameras first spotted Brad Pitt's haircut last week on the set of his latest film. A white hat hid his new look, but it was clear that the actor's controversial long hair was gone.

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But the full haircut was not revealed until earlier this week. Brad Pitt now has a slicked-back look on top and shaved hair on the sides and back.

Per People, this is the first time Brad Pitt's hair has been this short since he filmed Moneyball in 2011. Since then, he has donned the longer locks for several other film roles, including World War Z last year.  

It is unclear exactly when Brad Pitt got this new haircut. But just four days before debuting his new look, Pitt still had a ponytail at the Toronto International Film Festival. He was there promoting his film 12 Years A Slave, which is generating early Oscar buzz.

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This new haircut has also received a positive reaction from the public. A poll on Us Weekly's website found that 85 percent of respondents prefer Brad Pitt's shorter hairdo.

Brad Pitt's haircut is not the only reason he is in the news this week. The actor reportedly surprised a newlywed couple during their wedding reception. Pitt was at the Maidenhead Hotel bar when groom Daniel Lingwood recognized the actor. He then convinced Pitt to give his new bride, Abi, the surprise of her life.

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"My husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and you have got to come with me so he dragged me across the hotel," Abi Lingwood said. "I thought he was joking. He said congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and let's have a picture. And he said I looked nice. He was really nice."

Check out a slideshow above of Brad Pitt's haircuts throughout the years. And be sure to tell us in the comments section whether you prefer the actor with long or short hair.

  • 8 pictures

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