Taylor Swift Acting Career? ‘22’ Singer Considering Return To Movies And TV After Red Tour And New Song In ‘One Chance’ [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter September 16, 2013 2:05 PM EDT
Taylor Swift is thinking about acting again after her Red tour (Photo: Reuters)
Taylor Swift is thinking about acting again after her Red tour (Photo: Reuters)

Taylor Swift is thinking about returning to acting! The "22" singer revealed that despite being busy on her Red tour and writing a new song for the film One Chance, Swift has thought about jumping onto the silver screen. Swift was previously a part of the star-studded cast of Valentine's Day, and also has appeared on CSI and New Girl.

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"That's always something that's in the back of my mind, if the right thing came along," Swift revealed to E! News when asked about acting again. "It would have to be something so amazing that it would take me away from writing songs and touring, which would have to be an incredible script."

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Swift was just at the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of One Chance, which probably enhanced her itch to start her acting career again. This go-around, just hearing her song at the end of the film was enough for the 23-year-old. "The story just blew me away," Swift said. "I didn't know the story of Paul Potts. He's working a cellphone store and then ended up winning Britain's Got Talent."

"You have to see it," Swift gushed. "It makes you feel so many different things." Swift was obviously excited before she even got to the premiere tweeting "Tonight= my first Toronto Film Festival experience-Going to the premiere tonight of One Chance, honored to have written the end credit song!"

Swift was seen posing with actor Brenton Thwaites, sending tongues wagging that they were the hottest new couple on the scene. Alas, the two do not seem to be dating after the Toronto Film Festival. "Taylor thinks all these rumors about her and Brenton Thwaites are completely ridiculous," a source told Us Weekly. "She did think he was nice, but how could you be dating someone when you only just met them five minutes earlier? They are definitely not dating."

"Harvey Weinstein took Taylor to his table and sat her next to Brenton," a source told Us about the two good-looking entertainers. "They had a nice time talking but no numbers were exchanged. A photographer asked to take their picture and they said yes."

Maybe their next interaction will be Swift's next film! Fingers crossed.

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