Billy Bob Thornton Proud Of Angelina Jolie! Why Oscar-Winner's Ex-Husband Thinks Actress Deserves Movie Career Success Despite Brad Pitt Engagement [VIDEO]

By Stephanie Kristine Spencer September 13, 2013 12:47 PM EDT
Actor Billy Bob Thornton poses for a portrait in Los Angeles November 9, 2010. (Photo: Reuters)
Actor Billy Bob Thornton poses for a portrait in Los Angeles November 9, 2010. (Photo: Reuters)

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton rocked Hollywood with their turbulent and bizarre relationship, with included carrying a small vial of each other's blood. It has been over ten years since two ended their marriage, and now Thornton is speaking out about his ex's accomplishments.

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"I am absolutely proud. No one deserves it more, when you put your life out there like she has it is humbling for the rest of us," Thornton told FOX411 of Jolie's recent Humanitarian Oscar. "This is someone who can just go along and be a star, but instead she really puts herself out there for people, and no one deserves it more."

Thornton continued by noting that he is a philanthropist as well, saying, "I have my charities that I am involved in, but I am kind of a hermit. So no one knows about what I do."

When Thornton is not busy donating to charities, he is working on movie projects such as Jayne Mansfield's Car, a movie that will follow three brothers who fought in World War II, and will also star Kevin Bacon and Robert Patrick.

According to Thornton, he believes that remembering "your roots" helps produce the best work possible. "You have got to hang on to your roots; generally that's your strongest work," he said. "Stuff that you know about. I think we all stop growing at about age 19, that's who you feel you are forever. There are a lot of things we want to say about growing up that we don't have the time to say, so you just keep putting them in every movie."

Thornton continued by commending the South for its influential stars. "The South is very rich and full of storytelling tradition, so I grew up with the Southern novelists — Erskine Caldwell, Tennessee Williams. Those were more influential to me than movie makers. We didn't really concentrate on movie makers where I grew up. I didn't grow up with an intense desire to be a film director," he said.

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