Wally Bayola Sex Tape Scandal With Yosh Rivera Leading To Divorce? Will Riza Stand By ‘Eat Bulaga’ Host After Video With EB Babe? [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter September 9, 2013 9:19 PM EDT
Wally Bayola

Wally Bayola's wife is sticking by him despite his alleged sex tape scandal. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot/f8rnan)

Will Wally Bayola and his wife get a divorce following the former's supposed sex tape scandal with Yosh Rivera? A report from ABS-CBN on Sunday claimed that Riza is actually standing by her husband despite the alleged video.

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That sex tape supposedly shows the Eat Bulaga host sleeping with Yosh Rivera, a former EB Babe. Neither side has commented yet on the video scandal.

This ABS-CBN report confirmed a similar story by Pinoy Stop last week. That website claimed that Wally Bayola was currently waiting out this sex tape scandal at home with Riza and his five children. That same story stated that Mrs. Bayola already forgave her husband after he allegedly had a separate affair with Yosh Rivera three years ago.

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It is unknown whether Riza will press charges against Wally Bayola for this sex tape scandal, though at the moment this seems unlikely. In the Philippines, it is illegal for a married man to sleep with someone other than his wife. Bayola's wife thus could accuse him of this crime, though it may be hard to prove, even with the presence of the alleged sex tape with Yosh Rivera. Instead, Riza may try to nail him on the more common violence against women and children charge.

The person who leaked this alleged Wally Bayola sex tape may also face criminal charges. Chito Miranda, the lead singer for Parokya ni Edgar, had a similar sex tape scandal earlier this summer. Miranda claimed that the video with him and his girlfriend, Neri Naig, leaked when his hard drive was stolen. The couple has already brought the case to the National Bureau of Investigation, and the culprit could go to jail under the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009. It is unclear if Wally Bayola will pursue similar action in his sex tape scandal.

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Some are even wondering if Yosh Rivera leaked this supposed Wally Bayola sex tape in the first place. Her friends have noticed that she does not seem upset over this video, even though it was allegedly recorded on her computer. The scandal supposedly broke when Rivera took that laptop in for repairs.

Even if the true culprit is never found, Wally Bayola may be able to sue for libel after this sex tape scandal. But that might require him to admit that he is the man in the video. Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles noted how Chito Miranda could take this action in his sex tape scandal with Neri Naig.

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"There will also be presumptions against the person/s who uploaded it since they directly benefited from the crime," Cruz-Angeles told Yahoo! News. "Incidentally, in such an instance, Chito's being a public figure will not affect him adversely. The publication of a sex video is clearly malicious, as there is no public interest involved."

Watch video of Wally Bayola performing his comedy routine with stage partner Jose Manalo.

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