Tim McGraw Gay? Faith Hill Divorce Rumors Get Graphic As Ex-Bandmate Claims Singer Slapped His Drummer’s Naked Behind [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter September 9, 2013 11:59 AM EDT
Tim McGraw Gay Faith Hill Divorce

A recent tabloid report claimed that Tim McGraw might be gay. (Photo: Reuters)

Tim McGraw gay rumors are swirling alongside reports he may divorce Faith Hill. A recent National Enquirer cover story claimed that the male country star was involved in a "gay scandal."

The actual story, however, did little to prove that Tim McGraw is gay. The report stated that a disgruntled former bandmate hopes to publish a memoir that will expose some of McGraw's secrets. This includes several risqué jokes that the singer would play on his band.

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"Tim dared his drummer Billy Mason to run across the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans wearing bottomless leather chaps that exposed his butt," an insider told the magazine. "As Billy did it, Tim reached down and smacked him on his bare backside as a joke — and the nearly sold-out crowd roared with laughter!"

The author of the upcoming tell-all believes this proves that Tim McGraw is gay or bisexual. But the insider insisted that the singer just has a raunchy sense of humor.

"Tim has a huge gay fan base and, actually, he's proud of that," the insider continued. "But he doesn't want someone on a smear campaign casting aspersions about him that just aren't true."

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Still, while Tim McGraw may not be gay, he still is facing rumors of a potential divorce. Last month, National Enquirer also reported that the couple's 16-year marriage was "hanging by a thread."

"He feels he needs to stand up for himself and get his manhood back," a source told the magazine. "He feels like Faith has a leash around his neck — and he wants out of her prison!"

Both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill also reportedly suspected each other of infidelity. Hill apparently caught her husband getting close to another female singer, while McGraw was jealous of his wife's relationship with actor Kevin Costner.

Taylor Swift was at the center of these Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce rumors. The tabloid claimed that Hill feared the "sexual chemistry" between her husband and the young country star.

Still, as Gossip Cop noted, National Enquirer had no proof that Tim and Faith were heading for divorce. A rep for McGraw added that the report was "totally false and ridiculous."

Check out video below of a recent Tim McGraw performance.

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