Wally Bayola Sex Tape Leaked By Yosh Rivera? Did EB Babe Release Video Of ‘Eat Bulaga’ Host’s Affair? [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel September 7, 2013 11:57 AM EDT
Wally Bayola Jose Manalo

Wally Bayola performs with his comedy partner, Jose Manalo. (Photo: YouTube/TheMickymikes)

Did Yosh Rivera leak the alleged Wally Bayola sex tape? The Eat Bulaga host was supposedly caught on film having an affair with the EB Babe, though neither Rivera nor Bayola have commented on the video.

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According to PinoyStop.com, news of this alleged affair broke when Yosh Rivera went to get her laptop fixed last week. The supposed Wally Bayola sex tape was filmed on her computer, which has led some to speculate that she is the one who leaked the video in the first place. Her friends reportedly believe she is not upset over the scandal, which has furthered rumors that she released the alleged Wally Bayola sex tape.

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If Yosh Rivera did release this supposed Wally Bayola sex tape, it's possible she could face criminal charges. Chito Miranda, the Parokya ni Edgar singer who is embroiled in a sex tape scandal of his own, has already enlisted the help of the National Bureau of Investigation. If the NBI finds the person who stole Miranda's hard drive and leaked the Neri Naig sex tape, that culprit could face jail time under the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.

Wally Bayola could actually go to jail over this sex tape scandal, as well. As omg! Yahoo noted, concubinage is a crime in the Philippines, so his wife, Rizza, could press charges. The crime is hard to prove, however, even with a supposed sex video. So Rizza may instead choose to accuse him of violence towards women and children.

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For now, Rizza is reportedly supporting her husband. Wally Bayola is current staying in his home with his wife and five children. He has not appeared on Eat Bulaga since news of the alleged sex tape scandal broke, though the show's producer insisted he was not fired.

"Not true," Malou Fagar told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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PinoyStop.com noted that Wally Bayola's wife is supporting him because she has already forgiven him for another alleged affair he had several years ago. Last year, Lolit Solis alleged that Lian Paz also had an affair with Wally Bayola when she was an EB Babe. Solis is the manager of Paolo Contis, who is Paz's ex-husband.

Watch video of one of Wally Bayola's comedy routines below.

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