Wally Bayola Fired Over Sex Tape Scandal With Yosh Rivera? Could ‘Eat Bulaga’ Host Lose His Job After Alleged Affair With EB Babe? [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel September 5, 2013 2:22 PM EDT
Wally Bayola Jose Manalo

Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo have both faced sex scandals in recent years. (Photo: YouTube/TheMickymikes)

Will Wally Bayola get fired from Eat Bulaga after his alleged sex tape with EB Dancer Yosh Rivera? Rumors have circulated that the comedian will lose his job, but the executive producer of the series revealed on Thursday that this is not the case.

"Not true," Malou Fagar told the Philippine Daily Inquirer about the firing speculation.

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Wally Bayola has been absent from Eat Bulaga since news broke of this alleged sex tape with Yosh Rivera. A Twitter account supposedly belonging to Bayola's comedy partner, Jose Manalo, claimed that Bayola was absent from Eat Bulaga because of the scandal. But show representatives have since confirmed that @manalo_jose was fake.

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Neither Wally Bayola nor Yosh Rivera has commented publicly about this alleged sex tape. Reports indicate that the video was filmed several months ago in the EB Babe's apartment.

But if the sex tape is real, the 41-year-old Wally Bayola may have bigger issues to worry about besides losing his job. According to omg! Yahoo, the comedian could be accused of concubinage, as he is married with five children. Sleeping with a married woman is considered a crime in Philippines that is punishable by seven years in jail. But it can be hard to prove, even with the alleged video evidence. So if Wally Bayola's wife does choose to press charges, she may instead accuse him of violence against women and children.

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If it really is Wally Bayola in the sex tape, he at least has someone to go to for advice. Manalo has also been accused of an affair, but his wife was not able to prove her case.

Wally Bayola may also want to ask Chito Miranda about how to handle a sex tape leak. The Parokya ni Edgar singer was involved in a scandal of his own after video surfaced of him sleeping with girlfriend Neri Naig. The couple has gone to the National Bureau of Investigation, hoping to catch the person who released the video. That person could face seven years in prison for violating Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.

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Watch video below of Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo performing together.

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