’50 Shades Of Grey’ Movie Casts Dakota Johnson As Anastasia Steele! 5 Surprising Facts About Charlie Hunnam’s Co-Star [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter September 3, 2013 12:31 PM EDT
Are you surprised Dakota Johnson will be playing the lead role of Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey?
Are you surprised Dakota Johnson will be playing the lead role of Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey?

After a year of casting rumor gossip, 50 Shades of Grey author, E.L. James, finally announced on her Twitter account what starlet will portray the submissive Anastasia Steele. Let's just say we are pleasantly surprised by who got the part!

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"I am delighted to let you know that the lovely Dakota Johnson has agreed to be our Anastasia in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey," the author of the sexy novel tweeted. But you may be asking, who exactly is Dakota Johnson? Granted, the 23-year-old starlet isn't as well known as the other women who were rumored to play her role, like Mila Kunis and Alexis Bledel. But we're sure that'll soon change, seeing as the actress' name has been trending for nearly 24 hours straight!

Do you think Dakota Johnson will make for a good Anastasia Steele?
Do you think Dakota Johnson will make for a good Anastasia Steele?

Are you curious to find out about the woman co-starring with Charlie Hunnam in the raunchy flick? Well, here are five fun facts about Johnson:

1. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Did you know that Johnson comes from a famous family? The long line of stars starts with grandma. You know Tippi Hedren, right? The woman who starred in Alfred Hitchcock films like The Birds and Marnie? Yep, that's the one! And Tippi had a daughter who also became an actress: Dakota Johnson's mother, Melanie Griffith! Griffith won a Golden Globe for her role in the film Working Girl. But the women of Johnson's family aren't the only ones making waves in the cinematic world. Even the 50 Shades of Grey actress' dad has graced the red carpet! Dakota's father, Don Johnson, won a Golden Globe for his role in Miami Vice.

2. Johnson is a jack of all trades! Not only can this girl act, but she can strike a pretty fierce pose. In 2006 the natural beauty signed with IMG Models. Want to see her work? Check out advertisements from MANGO brand's jean line in 2009. Johnson also reportedly did a Teen Vogue shoot when she was 12.

3. The actress is no stranger to sex onscreen. According to Johnson's portfolio, she has no problem getting down and dirty! In Judd Apatow's rom-com, Five Year Engagement, Johnson plays the role of Tom Solomon's (Jason Segel) younger rebound. The two have an incredibly  funny sex scene together that shows just how wild Johnson can be on set. Looks like E.L. James picked the right girl to take on the seriously sensual role of Anastasia Steele.

4. Johnson brought even more sexy back with Justin Timberlake. Don't be too jealous, Jessica Biel. It was only acting! The duo acted together in the media savvy flick Social Network where Johnson played the role of a woman who slept with Napster creator Sean Parker, played by Timberlake.

5. Big screen, small screen — Johnson does it all! Not only has Johnson gained recognition for her movie roles (21 Jump Street, Crazy in Alabama, Beastly) but she's also been featured — and has even starred — on TV sitcoms! In 2012 Johnson appeared as the lead role in the Fox TV show Ben and Kate. The show was canceled the following January, but it looks like Johnson moved on to bigger and better things.

Are you excited to see Johnson take on the role of Steele in the movie 50 Shades of Grey? We think E.L. James' choice was spot on! Not to mention, the actress and Hunnam make for a pretty sexy couple, no? Let us know what you think about Johnson being cast in the sexy film in the comments section below!

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