‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Spoilers: What Will Happen During Episode 13 ‘To’hajiilee’? Will Walt Kill Jesse Before Season Finale? [SPOILERS]

By Staff Reporter September 3, 2013 10:31 AM EDT
What will happen during Breaking Bad's episode titled
What will happen during Breaking Bad's episode titled "To'hajiilee"? Will Walt have Jesse killed during Episode 13?

Breaking Bad is steadily creeping toward its fifth and final season finale. And with only four episodes left of the AMC drama, things are really starting to heat up for Heisenberg and his comrades — and no, it's not because Albuquerque is close to the equator.

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So why are tensions running high for the characters of Breaking Bad? Well, if you didn't see last week's seriously eventful Episode 12, "Rabid Dog" let us explain what exactly is going on. Hank knows Walter is Heisenberg but he doesn't have any evidence to prove that his brother-in-law is the one behind the meth madness. In fact, Walt has made it even harder for Hank to put him behind bars by creating a confessional complete with a fabricated story of how Hank is actually the mastermind behind the drug cartel. But Hank isn't about to sit back and let Walt pull a fast one on him. The bald-headed DEA is determined to get a witness on tape. And if Skyler isn't the one to confess her husband's wrongdoings, then Hank will settle for the next best, or perhaps the better alternative: Jesse.

We watched Jesse soak Walt's home in gasoline two episodes back and we only assumed the place would be burned to bits. However, instead of seeing a blazing fire during Episode 12, Walt arrived to his house only to find it dripping with the petrol. So why didn't Jesse light a match to his former business partners' home? Well, that's because Hank of all people stopped him! But why? Why on Earth would Hank want to preserve his enemy's home? Not only does Hank want to keep his evidence intact, but he wants to keep Jesse's credibility undamaged. Because guess what? Jesse is the only way Walt will end up in handcuffs.

Episode 12 ends with Jesse (who is covered in Hank's wires) meeting up with Walt in the desert. Jesse is completely paranoid and convinced that Walt is trying to kill him. But in our heart of hearts, we couldn't imagine the cook killing his former high school student, could you? Jesse leaves the desert when he sees a suspicious man and tells Hank that there is a better way to get Walter. "Rabid Dog's" last scene features Walter calling Todd to tell him he has a job for his uncle.

So what is going to happen during next week's Episode 13 titled "To'hajiilee"? According to the official Showtime synopsis, Breaking Bad's next episode, which airs on Sunday August 8, will feature the following premise: "Things heat up for Walter White in unexpected ways." Sounds vague, right? We guess the writers of Breaking Bad don't want to let too much slip, seeing as there are only four final episodes of the hit TV series left.

Here's what we can tell you about "To'hajiilee." First off, the title is more meaningful than you may have expected. Tohajiilee is the name of a Navajo reservation in New Mexico where Walt and Jesse had their first cooking session. It is also the area where Walt buried his money. Could we be seeing a showdown at the spot where Walt and Jesse made their very first batch of blue rock candy?

According to the Episode 13 promo trailer for Breaking Bad, Walter is taking advantage of the little time he has left. "Fear is not an option," Walt says in the "To'hajiilee" promo. But what exactly should Walt be fearing? Jesse? We think that Jesse and Walter will have an intense meeting during Episode 13. Watch the trailer for "To'hajiilee" below and let us know what you think will occur during Episode 13 of Breaking Bad.

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