‘Getaway’ Goes Viral! Watch Trailer Of Selena Gomez And Ethan Hawke Action-Packed Car Chase In Preview Of Thrilling Film [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter August 21, 2013 3:02 PM EDT
Selena Gomez stars in Getaway out August 30. (Photo: Reuters)
Selena Gomez stars in Getaway out August 30. (Photo: Reuters)

It's almost time to go on a getaway. The movie kind, that is! Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke star in Getaway, a thrilling film about a husband who is forced to do certain tasks in order to save his kidnapped wife. The husband, Brent (Hawke) believes he is targeted because he's a skilled race car driver. And Gomez? She plays his sidekick, who is used for her cool car.

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"I feel like the character was very different from any other character I had ever played before, including Spring Breakers," Gomez said recently about doing Getaway. "Even in that, my character was still kind of reserved and she didn't cuss. So this was an opportunity for me to really kind of be a bada*s for the first time ... this was like my baby step into going into something a little darker and a little edgier. So it was fun for me and it just kind of elevated what I was trying to move towards, playing new characters and being able to challenge myself as an artist."

Gomez also tweeted to her fans why she decided to stretch her wings doing the action film. "being able to completely transform myself and work with someone like Ethan. I have always wanted to do an action movie."

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Even though Gomez is in a movie about fast cars, don't expect the 21-year-old to suddenly become a car maven. "I got my first car when I was 16, but I didn't have a license and it was a Ford Escape. I just let it sit there for two years because I enjoyed having my mom drive me so when I was 18 I finally got my license. I've been driving it since this year, so I've had it forever," Gomez told Cosmopolitan "and my driving has not improved. I cannot drive very well. I drive slow and very safe. I don't know cars that well. I feel kind of lame. I have a BMW now and it's the first nice car I've had, and the first people to drive it were my grandparents!"

Gomez won't be driving anytime soon as she is currently on her Stars Dance tour, which is next in Ottawa on August 22. Gomez will then be a presenter at Sunday's VMA Awards. Getaway comes out August 30.

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