Eminem ‘Slane Girl’ Oral Sex Photos Go Viral; See Shocking Pictures Fueling Internet Bullies To Slam ‘Devastated’ Teen [PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter August 21, 2013 2:19 PM EDT

More than 50 people were arrested at an Eminem concert in Ireland over the weekend. (Photo: AP)

"Slane Girl" has gone viral after the supposed 17-year-old was caught having oral sex at an Eminem concert at Slane Castle in Ireland. Pictures of the young woman were shared all over social media before they were ultimately taken down, though can see the censored photos here.

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The "Slane Girl" in question was caught having oral sex with a man in a green hat as he gave two thumbs up. Another photo showed that same guy reaching underneath her skirt while she kissed him, and in a third she reportedly had oral sex with a second man.

The young woman faced cyberbullying after these pictures from the Eminem concert went viral. Many online called her a slut but praised the sexual prowess of the men involved.

The phrase #slanegirl was trending on Twitter once the photos went public, and some were even reportedly suspended from the social media website for posting the photos. "Protecting people's experience on Twitter is very important and we have a clear set of rules that outline what is and isn't acceptable behavior on the platform," a Twitter spokesman said. "If people come across content that may violate our policies, we encourage them to report it so we can quickly follow up, rather than tweet or retweet images and links."

Meanwhile, several Facebook groups dedicated to "Slane Girl"  were taken down. Those who posted photos of her on Instagram reportedly had their accounts disabled, as well.

"Slane Girl" was reportedly distraught over her online infamy and had to be sedated at a local hospital. "The teenager has not been medically fit enough to make a formal statement yet, but when that happens this could turn into a sexual assault investigation," a source said.

Police are currently investigating exactly what happened at the Eminem concert. Per reports, officials have performed blood tests to see if "Slane Girl" had her drink spiked at the event. And if she is 17, the person who leaked the images could get charged for child pornography.

This "Slane Girl" controversy was not the only example of outrageous behavior at the Eminem show. More than 50 people were arrested at the concert, including 22 for public order offenses. There were also reports of drug violations and at least five assaults.

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