School Bus Attack Shocking! Watch Graphic Video Of 3 Florida Teens Beating Up A 13-Year-Old Boy; Why Won't Driver John Moody Face Charges For Inaction? [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel August 5, 2013 9:05 PM EDT
School Bus Attack

A screenshot of the vicious school bus attack in Florida last month. (Photo: Screenshot)

A shocking school bus fight was caught on video last month. However, police have announced that the driver, John Moody, will not face charges for his failure to intervene.

The school bus fight in Gulfport, Fla. occurred when three 15-year-olds brutally beat up a 13-year-old. The older boys were apparently out for revenge after the younger one told officials that the group had tried to sell him drugs. Police say the older boys kicked and stomped on the 13-year-old around 23 times. Amazingly, he only suffered a broken arm in the attack.

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The attack in question took place back on July 9, though video was released only recently. The boys are all taking summer classes at Lealman Intermediate School, which focuses on at-risk youth.  The three 15-year-olds were later arrested and charged with aggravated battery. One was also charged with stealing $5 from the younger boy.

You can watch a video of the school bus attack here.

Gulfport Police Chief Robert Vincent later questioned the seeming inaction of Moody, the bus driver, during the attack.

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"I could understand his not physically intervening, I mean these are some big rough boys, 15-year olds, but when they left, they fled through the emergency exit," Vincent said. "There's pretty good amount of time where they're gone and he still makes no effort to check on the welfare of this child who had just been beaten." However, the prosecutors determined that Moody did nothing wrong in this school bus attack.

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"It wasn't like he was looking out the window cleaning his fingernails or something like that," said Chief Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett.

Indeed, the school bus attack video clearly shows Moody yelling at the boys to try to get them to stop. He also called dispatch for help, which is all that was required of him per district policy.

Still, the events of this day still haunt the bus driver. "The 3 boys just jumped on him and start pounding on him," Moody said last week. "And I did all can. It was like I was in shock. I was petrified. It's been some trying time for me. Sleepless nights. It's been tough."

Moody retired a few days after this school bus attack. However, it appears the two events are not related, as the 64-year-old driver had filed his paperwork a few days before the incident.

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