Chito Miranda Scandal! Sex Tape With Neri Naig Goes Viral; Parokya Ni Edgar Frontman Claims Hard Drive Was Stolen [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter August 3, 2013 2:43 PM EDT
Chito Miranda Scandal

Chito Miranda posted this photo to Instagram around the time news of a sex scandal broke. (Photo: Instagram/chitomirandajr)

Chito Miranda is involved in a scandal after a sex tape of him and his girlfriend hit the Web. The clip shows the Filipino singer getting intimate with Neri Naig, a former finalist on the talent competition series Star Circle Quest.

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The sex tape in question was reportedly posted on YouTube, though it has since been removed. Chito Miranda claimed on Twitter that this scandal occurred when someone stole his computer hard drive.

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"Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging messages," the frontman wrote early Saturday. "Our hard drive was stolen from our room in our house along with several other stuff."

Chito Miranda apologized for the sex scandal in a message on Instagram. "We are truly saddened by the fact that someone leaked the private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig," the statement said in part. "I am asking for forgiveness from our families for this unfortunate incident."

Before this scandal, Chito Miranda was best known as the lead singer of Parokya ni Edgar. Meanwhile, Naig has appeared in several television shows, most recently playing the role of Laura in the series Hiyas.

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People all over Twitter are talking about this Chito Miranda scandal. Here are some of the reactions: "I'm still a fan of Parokya ni Edgar and of course, Chito Miranda," wrote PatDycruz.

"Share your blessings instead of Chito Miranda's video," wrote leonardgma. "There are better things to share."

"Doing it as a couple is fine," wrote flobyc. "But public viewing is a different story. Both of Neri and Chito Miranda made a choice. A not very pleasing one."

"I respect Chito Miranda as an artist, as well as his relationship with Neri," wrote KCdoble. "Because of that, I will not watch the video."

"Don't let one 'private' video destroy Chito Miranda's legacy," wrote ajbernie. "This should be a lesson for all of us, not an entertainment for perverts."

Check out video of a recent Parokya ni Edgar performance below!

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