JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory True Or False? New Documentary Claims George Hickey, Secret Service Agent, Was Second Shooter [REPORT]

By Melissa Siegel July 29, 2013 8:13 PM EDT
JFK Assassination

Was there a second shooter in the JFK assassination? (Photo: Reuters)

Did the JFK assassination have a second shooter? A new documentary claims that George Hickey, a Secret Service agent for John F. Kennedy, accidentally shot the president on November 22, 1963.

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The film in question, JFK, The Smoking Gun, will air November 3 on ReelzChannel. The date is just weeks before the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

The documentary centers around detective Colin McLaren, who investigated the president's death for four years. It also includes work from author Bonar Menninger, who wrote a book on the assassination.  

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McLaren claims that Hickey was out partying with other agents the night before the president's death. After Lee Harvey Oswald fired the first shot at Kennedy, Hickey allegedly grabbed his gun in order to fire a return shot. However, the shot may have accidentally gone off into Kennedy's neck, perhaps due to the agent's inexperience.

"It was his first time in the follow car, his first time holding the assault weapon he was using," McLaren said at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday.

McLaren also claims that forensics shows evidence of hollow-point bullets at the scene that day, even though Oswald did not use this ammunition in his gun. This furthers allegations of a conspiracy in the JFK assassination. However, McLaren and Menninger insist that the second shot was simply a "tragic accident."

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"We don't suggest that he was in any way involved in a conspiracy," the detective said.

Still, Hickey was apparently unhappy about being linked to this JFK assassination conspiracy. The former agent sued Menninger in the 1990s after the author made similar claims in his book. The case was ultimately settled, and Hickey died two years ago.

"I'm sure that [Hickey] suffered greatly from this," Menninger said. "The fact that he passed on — maybe it's time to talk about it."

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Hickey also denied these charges in a witness statement the day after the president's death. He admitted that he raised his gun that day but claimed he did not fire it.

"At the end of the last report I reached to the bottom of the car and picked up the AR-15 rifle, cocked and loaded it, and turned to the rear," Hickey said. "At this point the cars were passing under the over-pass and as a result we had left the scene of the shooting. I kept the AR-15 rifle ready as we proceeded at a high rate of speed to the hospital."

Conspiracy theories have surrounded the JFK assassination for years. However, a report from the Warren Commission in the 1960s concluded that Oswald was indeed the lone gunman that November day. But according to the documentary's executive director, Michael Prupas, the film will show us a side of the shooting that we have never seen before.

"Our documentary is going to be the only one that has opened the case forensically and looked at the evidence from the beginning and examined everything that happened that day in Dealey Plaza."

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