Wife Throws Temper Tantrum Update: Whitney Mongiat Says Ex- Husband Jim Is The Real Bully In Shocking YouTube Clip! [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel July 24, 2013 2:44 PM EDT
Wife Throws Temper Tantrum

Jim Mongiat, who posted a video of his ex-wife throwing a temper tantrum, spoke to Right This Minute about his decision. (Photo: Video Screenshot/Right This Mi)

The husband who filmed his wife throwing a temper tantrum has spoken out. Jim Mongiat's video of his wife, Whitney, throwing a fit over a planned trip to the lake went viral earlier this week.

Right This Minute caught up with the couple, who married in May 2012. Whitney Mongiat told the website that they had planned on going to the lake but then got into a fight over an unrelated issue. It was then that Jim Mongiat said that they would not go at all, causing the wife to throw the temper tantrum. She claimed that her husband was bullying her, however.

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The wife who threw the temper tantrum has officially filed for divorce. She added that she was embarrassed by her friends and co-workers seeing a video of her freakout.

Jim Mongiat, meanwhile, implied that his wife had been throwing these sorts of temper tantrums for a long time, and he had finally had enough. Thus, he decided to film one and post it on YouTube for the world to see. The original video was removed for violating the website's anti-bullying policy, but copies remain online.

You can watch the viral clip below.

Jim Mongiat added that he has no regrets about posting the video of his wife throwing a temper tantrum. His friends even supported him for getting revenge on her.

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The video of the wife throwing the temper tantrum went viral late last week

"It's my day to get sh** done too, and you're acting like an 11-year-old who didn't get the toy from Wal-Mart," Jim Mongiat said at one point.

"You are because you're not taking your wife out on the lake that we've spent money for," Whitney Mongiat replied back.

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Whitney Mongiat then went crazy, kicking and screaming like a little child.

"I never get my way! I just want one day when I get my way — ONE DAY!" she said.

Jim Mongiat originally insisted that he had never promised his temper-tantrum-throwing wife a trip to the lake in the first place.

"Didn't promise anything at all," he said after the video went viral. "In fact, I had worked 60 hours that week and told her all week that Saturday was my day to get stuff done around the house. But as usual she threw a fit about it. She has broken doors off the jambs at our house ...That was the last day I lived in our house. I have moved out and filed a restraining order against her."

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