Watch ‘Big Brother 15’ Episode 12 Live Stream Online! Will GinaMarie Zimmerman Become Third Eviction Nominee In Week 4? [LIVE STREAM & SPOILERS]

By Staff Reporter July 24, 2013 10:53 AM EDT
Big Brother 15 Cast

Who will America pick as the third eviction nominee on Big Brother 15? (Photo: CBS)

Episode 12 of Big Brother 15 airs Wednesday night on CBS. You can watch the show live at 8 p.m. ET, but if you cannot get to a television, you can also catch a free live online stream here. However, please be advised that this is not legal, and iDesignTimes is not responsible for anything that happens outside of this Web domain.

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Much of Sunday's episode of Big Brother featured Head of Household Judd Daugherty debating whom to nominate for elimination. Amanda Zuckerman continually insisted that he nominate Howard Overby. She did not give a specific reason, though she apparently thought that he was one of the biggest threats in the house. Daugherty, however, was friends with Overby and did not want to risk hurting that relationship by nominating the youth counselor for eviction.

At one point, Daugherty also considered nominating GinaMarie Zimmerman. He seemed to dislike her and wanted her out of the Big Brother house as soon as possible. However, several of Daugherty's allies noted that this would be a waste of his power, as Zimmerman was no threat to win the game.

Daugherty was confused over whom to nominate, but he ultimately went with the relatively safe choices of Aaryn Gries and Kaitlin Barnaby. The two were unpopular in the Big Brother 15 house, particularly Gries because of her racism.

Still, much of what happens this week will depend on whom America picks as the third nominee for eviction. Originally, the fan-voted MVP twist was supposed to let fans give power to the contestants playing the best game. However, Elissa Slater won the power to select the third nominee every week, mostly due to her popularity as the sister of a former Big Brother competitor. Thus, this week America is the MVP and gets to decide the third nominee. Daugherty and the other houseguests do not yet know about this twist, so we will likely get to see their reaction tonight.

Most people assumed the public would pick Gries as the third nominee because of her hateful comments throughout her time on Big Brother 15. But since she is already on the block, America's pick will be more interesting. Zimmerman is a possibility, as she too has made some racist remarks. But at least one website wonders if America will just get confused by this twist and vote for Slater like they had been before. This would certainly change the balance of power in the house, as Slater was working with the controlling alliance.

Of course, it could all be moot with the Big Brother 15 Power of Veto competition. If Gries or Barnaby win, it will be interesting to see whom Daugherty nominates in her place. He could try to backdoor Overby like former HoH Helen Kim did with Jeremy McGuire last week. But, Zuckerman was a bit too aggressive when trying to convince Daugherty to nominate Overby. Thus, we would not be surprised if she became the replacement nominee herself.

Spoilers from this week's Big Brother 15 are already online. If you want to find out the third eviction nominee, the Power of Veto winner, and whether or not that victor used the Veto, you can click here.

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