Tim Duncan Gay? San Antonio Spurs Star Cheated With Male Wake Forest Boyfriend, Wife Claims In Divorce Battle [VIDEO]

By McCarton Ackerman July 23, 2013 10:52 AM EDT

Tim Duncan at a news conference in June 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

Tim Duncan at a news conference in June 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

Could we see another NBA player come out as gay this year? Tim Duncan's estranged wife, Amy, is claiming the San Antonio Spurs star is gay — and says his cheating with another man is to blame for their impending divorce. Amy is reportedly arguing that their split was caused by Tim having a gay relationship with another man, who also attended Wake Forest University, throughout most of their 12-year marriage. However, Amy may not be entirely innocent in the matter herself, with one source accusing her of sleeping with her trainer while married to Duncan.

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If the San Antonio Spurs star really were gay, he would join free agent Jason Collins as the only current openly gay athlete in the NBA.

The report claims that the unidentified stayed with Tim and Amy at their home for the first two years of their marriage. When he eventually moved out, Duncan reportedly purchased an apartment for his gay lover. The San Antonio Spurs is now rumored to be attempting to place a gag order on Amy as their divorce proceedings move forward.

Tim Duncan on the court in June 2013 (Photo: Reuters)
Tim Duncan on the court in June 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

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"Amy treated Tim like a b*tch throughout their marriage because she knew he was f*cking his BFF," said the source to Hollywood Street King. "Tim knows Amy was cheating on him, but he's willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn't want Amy to tell the world he's bisexual."

Amy and Tim were married in 2001 and filed for divorce this past March. They have two children together and Amy will reportedly ask for both spousal and child support in the divorce proceedings.

Tim Duncan on the court in June 2013 during the NBA championship (Photo: Reuters)
Tim Duncan on the court in June 2013 during the NBA championship (Photo: Reuters)

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Collins has yet to publicly respond to the allegations towards the San Antonio Spurs star, but it's safe to say he would be in a position to dole out advice to his NBA colleague if needed.  The former Washington Wizards player came out last April in an interview with Sports Illustrated, making him the first active player in one of the four major professional American team sports to come out. However, his ex-fiancee, Carolyn Moos, wrote an exclusive article for Cosmopolitan magazine, in which she said she felt duped after hearing the revelation. The two dated for nearly a decade before he abruptly called off their wedding in 2009.

"I empathize with Jason and support him, but at the same time, I remain deeply hurt by him," she wrote. "I wish he could have been honest with me years ago ... he's being hailed as a pioneer, but I believe true heroism is a result of being honest with yourself and with those you love." 


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