Emilia Clarke First Emmy Nomination! Watch ‘Games Of Thrones’ Star In Action To See Why HBO Actress Was Nominated! [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter July 19, 2013 12:58 PM EDT
Emilia Clare just received her first Emmy nomination! (Photo: Reuters)
Emilia Clare just received her first Emmy nomination! (Photo: Reuters)

Emilia Clarke just received her first Emmy nomination and we couldn't be more thrilled for the Game of Thrones actress! Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO show. "For me, the nomination is literally the end of the line," Clarke told Entertainment Weekly when the magazine asked about being nominated. "It's amazing. I'm so, so, so happy. I owe absolutely everything to HBO. I'm just happy that the show itself got recognized. It's just wonderful."

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"Throughout the series, she literally started as a mute, terrified princess with a sort of vague idea that she should be on the throne," Clarke said about her Game of Thrones character. "Three seasons in, and she is the mother of three fast-growing dragons and the queen of an army of over 10,000. I think it shows the power of what women can do. And hopefully by the end of the series, she'll be stuck atop the Iron Throne. I'm still holding out for that."

So how did Clarke find out about her Emmy nomination?  "It's genuinely the weirdest thing. 6 a.m. rolls around, and my alarm in the hotel went off, and I definitely didn't set it, definitely, definitely," Clarke said. "So I went into a frenzy, throwing everything I could at all of the electrical appliances in the room trying to make whatever noise was going on stop. Then I saw my phone and I was like, Ah! Oh my goodness, hopefully the show got nominated because I had a sleepless night praying Dan and David would get nominated for writing. Because I just think they deserve it so much. So it took a couple of phone calls for me to actually hear from my publicist that I myself was also nominated," the actress said laughing to EW. "And then I cried. It's all quite too much to handle."

Although fans want information, Clarke couldn't say much about season four of Game of Thrones. "Oh my goodness, the whole thing," Clarke said when asked what she was most excited about. "Genuinely! And I'm crossing my heart, reading season three scripts, I didn't think we could get better. I just read season four and my jaw is to the fall. I'm like, How have you guys outdone yourselves even more? It's quite a phenomenal scene coming up."

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