Lea Michele Attends Cory Monteith Memorial; 'Glee' Star Girlfriend 'Crushed' About Boyfriend's Overdose And Death [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel July 19, 2013 12:17 PM EDT
Cory Monteith Lea Michele

Lea Michele reportedly visited Cory Monteith's memorial earlier this week. (Photo: Reuters)

Lea Michele reportedly paid a visit to the memorial of Cory Monteith. The two Glee stars were in a serious relationship before the actor's tragic death last weekend.

Workers at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, found Monteith's body after he died from a combination of heroin and alcohol. A makeshift memorial has since been set up in front of the hotel.

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A photographer named Rik Feydick spotted Michele in the back of an SUV that stopped at the memorial. Feydick is an old friend of Monteith's who had previously done photo shoots for him.

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"I saw Lea about an hour after the family saw the body at the hospital," the photographer said. "There were two huge SUVs out front and Lea was in the back seat of one, sitting between two bodyguards. She was wearing her signature huge black shades. Lea never got out of the vehicle."

Feydick added that the SUVs stayed at the Monteith memorial for around five minutes. They eventually left when the people inside realized they were being watched. He also noted that the actress looked "crushed."

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Other fans have shown their love for Monteith at the hotel as well. While most left cards and flowers, one teenager decided to be a bit more creative. Helen Slater, a 16-year-old from England, left Monteith a stuffed moose, as she had seen the actor wearing moose antlers in previous photographs.

Slater also left behind a letter for the late actor.

"The note says how he was a part of Glee, and how that's kind of changed my life," Slater said. "Nothing's going to be the same anymore. It just put me [through] some really tough times, and helped me through depression a lot."

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Feydick revealed in that same interview that Monteith had grown "distant" over the last few months. The actor checked himself into rehab in March, reportedly after some urging from Michele. He finished his 30-day stint in April and had appeared healthy in recent photographs. However, this rehab stay may have contributed to his death, as it lowered his tolerance level for drugs.

"If a user then relapses, he may return to using the same dose that they used prior to the relapse, and they may overdose due to losing the tolerance he had prior," said addiction specialist Dr. Damon Raskin. "This frequently leads to death."

Monteith apparently hid the fact that he was using again, as the actor told Feydick to stay away from him during his final days in Canada.

"Cory asked me to give him some space," the photographer said. "He didn't want a lot of people to know he was up there. So that's what I did. Now I'm wishing I didn't."

Check out video of Michele and Monteith on Glee in the video below.

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