Dave Hester Loses 'Storage Wars’ Lawsuit; Watch Video To See Why Former A&E Star Said Show Was Rigged [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter July 15, 2013 4:20 PM EDT
Dave Hester lost his lawsuit against A&E (Facebook/storagewarrior)
Dave Hester lost his lawsuit against A&E (Facebook/storagewarrior)

Dave Hester lost his Storage Wars lawsuit. So what happened to the star of the A&E show? After suing A&E and Original in December, Hester claimed that he had been fired from the show for saying it was "rigged." Now Hester has been ordered to pay $122,692 in legal fees to A&E and Original after they were successful in the suit. The network also brought an anti-SLAPP motion, saying the show was covered by the First Amendment and that Hester was unlikely to win any lawsuit.

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According to MSN, Hester could have had it even worse. A&E originally asked for $138,194, while Original wanted $43,283. Hester complained that Storage Wars was so staged, reportedly, but wanted back on the show that made him famous. After his complaints, however, Storage Wars execs didn't want to hear any more of it and production VP Ernest Avila rescinded Hester's contract offer.

In his lawsuit against A&E and Original, Hester said that Storage Wars was faked and was committing "fraud on the public." After complaining about the show, Hester was seeking over $750,000 in damages.

Hester's lawsuit was slammed by A&E and called "meritless." The network said Hester was just chasing money. A&E added (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Hester was "attempting to portray himself as a crusading whistleblower when really he was upset at how contract negotiations were going to return to the series."

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Originally Storage Wars had dropped Hester, Darrell Sheets and Dan and Laura Dotson from a number of episodes. "It seems as if they are going after some of the higher paid cast members, and meanwhile they are expanding the franchise," a source told RadarOnline. "[The Dotsons] make good money and they need the money. Suddenly the show just told them, 'We don't need you for this episode.' And then it happened again."

"The show has a few months before the deadline to offer contracts for its next season. Sheets and Dan and Laura don't know what's going to happen to them. They could be replaced with cheaper talent," said the Storage Wars insider. No news on what could happen next season.

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