Casey Anthony Pregnancy Rumors True Or False? Speculation Spreads On Twitter After Zimmerman Verdict And Cory Monteith Death [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Melissa Siegel July 15, 2013 9:20 AM EDT

Casey Anthony is the subject of pregnancy rumors once again. Speculation that the acquitted murder suspect is expecting another child hit Twitter over the weekend following several other major news stories.

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"[George] Zimmerman is free Cory Monteith is dead Kyle Massey has cancer Casey Anthony is pregnant," read a typical tweet. "On a scale of 1-10 how done are you with this day?" Many tweets expressing similar sentiments went viral on Sunday.

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Casey Anthony was famously acquitted of murdering her young daughter (Photo: Reuters).
Casey Anthony was famously acquitted of murdering her young daughter (Photo: Reuters).

The first two parts of this statement are definitely true. George Zimmerman was acquitted in a controversial trial in Florida, the same state that made the Casey Anthony ruling. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, was accused of killing African-American teenager Trayvon Martin. However, a jury decided the case in Zimmerman's favor on Saturday, as there was evidence that he could have been acting in self-defense.

Meanwhile, Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on the popular television series Glee, did indeed pass away late Saturday night. The actor just finished a stay in rehab for drug problems, though it is unclear if this issue played a role in his death. Authorities have ruled out foul play, however, and an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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However, the third part of this tweet that went viral is apparently false. Massey, an actor on the Disney Channel, denied that he is sick, let alone dying.

"I don't know where this inconsiderate and insensitive rumor originated from," Massey said in a statement. " ... My team and I are making every attempt to find out the original source of this story because it's just not cool. I support Children's Hospital of Los Angeles through Disney Channel and Britti Cares International in support of children with various diseases and illnesses and donate my time with pride and dignity. This hoax is just plain classless! Especially in light of the various tragedies happening this weekend and the Trayvon Martin verdict."

The fact that the Massey part of the tweet is false certainly weakens the rumor that Casey Anthony is pregnant. As of now, there is no evidence that the young woman who was accused of killing her daughter is having another child.

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Still, this is not the first time Casey Anthony has faced pregnancy rumors. In March, speculation spread that Anthony had become pregnant through her wealthy boyfriend. However, that report appeared in National Enquirer, which is not exactly the most reputable source. Plus, she has shown no signs of weight gain in the months since that report was released.

As of now, this latest report that Casey Anthony is pregnant appears to be a hoax. Still, we will stay tuned to see if anything changes.

Check out video of Casey Anthony's murder trial below.

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