UPDATE Trayvon Martin Protests: NY Cops Make Multiple Arrests -- What’s Happening And Where Are Protestors After Zimmerman Verdict [PHOTOS & REPORT]

By iDesign Times Reporter July 15, 2013 12:21 AM EDT
NYC protestors at Trayvon Martin demonstration fill Times Square before marching uptown to Harlem(Photo: Twitter)
NYC protestors at Trayvon Martin demonstration fill Times Square before marching uptown to Harlem (Photo: Twitter)

Cops are arresting Trayvon Martin protestors in NYC, though at this time the exact number is unknown. Armed with skittles and “Hoodies Up” N.Y. protestors have been demonstrating in the city for nearly six hours against the Zimmerman “Not Guilty” verdict. Reports are now emerging that several arrests have already been made in Manhattan, and things are heating up quickly with an IBTimes reporter, Connor Adams Sheets, cautioning protestors to clear out quickly if they can as “things are getting tense at 99th and 2nd Ave.”

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UPDATE: NYC Riots Over Zimmerman Verdict? Watch Video Of Harlem Protesters Walk Against Traffic But Remain Peaceful [VIDEO & PHOTOS] 

What Is Happening At NYC Trayvon Martin Protests?

Though it is currently unknown what is meant by this tweet, we can only assume the reporter feels some violence may occur or more arrests be made as he added this tweet moments later: “Cops rushing in from behind, get out if still marching in Trayvon Martin protest. Shit bout to hit fan”

The IBTimes reporter has been following the Trayvon Martin protests in NY throughout the day tweeting photos and updates on where the protestors are, what is happening in the area and what interactions are taking place between the police and protestors in NYC.

To get caught up on what's happening at the Trayvon Martine protests in NY, where protestors are and if events are taking a violent turn keep reading or check out the embedded live stream of the NYC Trayvon Martin protests here

UPDATE: 11:30 PM : Where Are Protestors in NY Now?

Last we heard Trayvon Martin NYC protestors could be found somewhere around Manhattan’s 5th Avenue. Up to this point it seemed little violence had occurred and few police were in the area but it seems things may be taking a turn for the worse as just seconds ago tweets began appearing which showed emergency responders treating protestors who had been pepper sprayed.

The sudden outburst of aggressiveness on the part of NYC police has spawned a series of tweets by onlookers which showcase just how heated this Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman verdict issue has become.

(To watch the live stream of Trayvon Martin Protests in NY click here)

Trayvon Martin Protests In NY: How Many Protestors Have Been Arrested?

The demonstrations began in Union Square around 6 p.m. Sunday as part of a nationwide day of action dubbed "Hoodies Up." Trayvon Martin supporters —some, of course, bearing Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea — marched to Times Square, shutting down traffic as they moved northward onto the Upper East Side.

As of 11 p.m. only four arrests had been made, but the number is growing quickly. Though reports on Twitter are varied, as many as 20 arrests in the Trayvon Martin Protests in New York have reportedly been made.

New York is just one of numerous locations where protests have broken out, with heated interactions taking place in Oakland and San Francisco today which involved flag burning and the shutdown of a freeway. Meanwhile police reportedly were using rubber pellets to try to get crowds under control.

Police and protestors have been urged to remain peaceful so riots do not break out. As more develops in the N.Y. protests of the George Zimmerman verdict, we'll be sure to update you. Meanwhile check out the live stream of the Trayvon Martin Protests in N.Y. as well as the additional tweeted updates below.

NY Trayvon Martin Protests Twitter Updates

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