Sanaa Lathan, Denzel Washington Affair? New Divorce, Cheating Rumors Surface As 'Flight' Actor Denies Trouble In Marriage To Pauletta [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter July 13, 2013 3:45 PM EDT

Rumors of a supposed affair between Sanaa Lathan and Denzel Washington have resurfaced following the most recent cheating allegations against the Flight actor. A tabloid report this week claimed that Washington's wife, Pauletta, became fed up with her husband's straying and is considering filing for divorce.

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The final straw for Pauletta Washington apparently occurred when she saw Denzel getting cozy with a blonde woman during a house party. While the lady in question was likely not Lathan, this report is reminding some of the years-old cheating rumors.

"Denzel has always sweet-talked his way out of it," a source said of the most recent allegations. "She (his wife) confronted him, and once again he denied he did anything wrong."

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Photos have also reportedly surfaced showing Washington kissing another woman. These pictures have not been published, nor have they been verified. The young lady flirting with Denzel Washington in the pictures has also not been identified, but we doubt it is Sanaa Lathan. If it is her, this information likely would have made it into the early media reports about the photos.

Sanaa Lathan starred with Denzel Washington in the 2003 film Out of Time. Three years later, the actress continued to deny allegations of an affair.

"[The rumor] got started because the movie had a love scene with Denzel, and people took that and translated it to real life," she said in 2006. "They said I was pregnant with Denzel's child, and people were calling my mother, saying I'm having his baby. It's frustrating. People are going to talk no matter what."

Sanaa Lathan has denied rumors of a 2003 affair with Denzel Washington (Photo: Reuters).
Sanaa Lathan has denied rumors of a 2003 affair with Denzel Washington (Photo: Reuters).

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Denzel Washington's rep has also denied the speculation that the actor's marriage is in trouble. "They are not divorcing, not separating," the rep said of Pauletta and Denzel.

If Denzel Washington is having an affair with Pauletta Washington, it would destroy the public image of a happy, long-lasting marriage. Pauletta Washington recently spoke to Ebony about her 30-year relationship with her husband.

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"I live with this man," she said. "I see the down part. I see the sad part. I see every part. He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That's what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it. I can't dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly."

Check out video of Pauletta Washington talking about her relationship with Denzel below.

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