Brandi Glanville Apologizes For Drunk Behavior, Nip Slip; 'Real Housewives' Star Tweets Revealing Confession! [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By McCarton Ackerman July 11, 2013 9:53 AM EDT

Brandi Glanville out with friends earlier this year in 2013 (Credit: Twitter/Brandi Glanville)

Brandi Glanville out with friends earlier this year in 2013 (Credit: Twitter/Brandi Glanville)

Brandi Glanville, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has apologized for her drunken behavior and nip slip earlier this week. She previously refused to back down from her bad behavior by claiming that getting drunk is "not murder" and explaining that she was just accepting free drinks to be "polite." Glanville was photographed on Monday at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. where she flashed her breast and butt, fell down drunk and eventually had to be helped out of the hotel by a male friend.

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Glanville took to Twitter yesterday and apologized for getting too drunk and exposing her breasts. "I'm not perfect but I do the best I can and apologize when I'm wrong," she tweeted. "It was not a hot look I agree, bad choice and I'm not happy with myself all I can do is say sorry and check myself (and nap)." She denied ever drinking in front of her children, but alluded to being stressed out and said she "needed to let my hair down. (But not my dress.)"

The apology was a stark contrast to her defence the previous day of her drunk behavior. Glanville acknowledged on Tuesay via Twitter that she "f*cked up," but lashed out at those who criticized her drunken behavior and nip slip. "I got drunk with my gays its not murder, everyone kept sending us drinks. I was being polite," she tweeted on Tuesday. "When ur PERFECT and make all the right decisions ALL [of] the time, and don't have at least a bit of cellulite on ur ass, get back 2 me." The 40-year-old mother of two also joking tweeted at Jennifer Gimenez, the house mom on Dr. Drew's former VH1 show Sober House: "See what happens when u leave me alone for 2 long!"

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Brandi Glanville out with friends in 2013 (Credit: Twitter/Brandi Glanville)
Brandi Glanville out with friends in 2013 (Credit: Twitter/Brandi Glanville)

Glanville's drunken behavior is somewhat ironic because she has previously accused country singer LeAnn Rimes (currently married to Glanville's ex-husband Eddie Cibrian) of being addicted to alcohol. Glanville even dubbed Rimes an "angelfish" because she "sings like an angel and drinks like a fish." Cibrian countered by accusing his ex-wife of being consumed by "wine and narcissism."

The reality star also accused Rimes of being addicted to prescription drugs and having an eating disorder. Glanville alleged in an open e-mail last December that her own son got sick from eating one of the singer's laxatives and said that Rimes has "a severe eating disorder." Rimes has previously denied having an eating disorder, but did undergo a 30-day treatment program for stress and anxiety last August.

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Despite the verbal barbs, there are plenty of people who believe Granville should be worrying about herself. "Brandi might consider getting some help with her drinking," said Rimes' publicist Marcel Pariseau. "If you watch her show, read her book and followe her tweets, she is constantly referring to her drinking. Even the title of her book has the word drinking in it. In fact, she was arrested for a DUI."

Glanville and Cibrian were married for nine years; he left her in 2009 due to his affair with Rimes, who was also married at the time.

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