Sophia Loren Returns To Big Screen! See Sexy Photos Of The Sizzling Actress Through The Years [Video/Slideshow]

By iDesign Times Reporter July 6, 2013 12:25 AM EDT
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Sophia Loren and sexy are a pair of words often thrown together as the longtime actress is known for her sizzling hot beauty. Now after having taken a hiatus from filmmaking for over 10 years, Sophia Loren is returning to the big screen to star in a film directed by none other than her son, Eduardo Ponti.

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So what is the name of the new movie Sophia Loren has chosen to return for? The 78-year-old Italian actress will be showcased in a film called La voce umana (The Human Voice). The film is based on a 1930 one-person play by Jean Cocteau, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Though it's been over 10 years since Sophia Loren's beautiful face and body have been seen gracing the silver screen, the star is certainly no stranger to a comeback. Starring in films ranging across the 1950s through the 1990s, sexy Sophia Loren has been pleasing crowds with her graceful charm and feminine wiles for over 50 years now. Here at age 78, Sophia Loren, still hot as ever, prepares to take a role in her son's new film, which will be shot in Rome, Naples and Ostia.

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Though Sophia Loren has not been seen in film for a while now, she still has been practicing her craft, as just a few years ago, in 2009 the long-time actress who seemed to have invented the word sexy, starred in a 2009 musical called "Nine". In addition, Last year, the actress was honored at the Taormina Film awards with a lifetime achievement award, to which, upon receiving, the actress had this to say: "I am very honored to win this wonderful award."

Though it's sure to be tons of fun working with son Eduardo Ponti on his new film, this won't be the first time Sophia Loren has partnered up with her director son. Sophia Loren was also seen starring in her son's first film production Cuori Estrani (Between Strangers) back in 2002.

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Of course talking about Sophia Loren returning to film is sure to get a few starry-eyed dreamers thinking back to the time when they nursed their first crush on the sizzling hot actress, as Sophia Loren was and still is quite a sight to behold. Having every feature a woman could want including volumous hair, lips, beautiful wide eyes, perfect skin, and generous curves, any red-blooded male will find himself getting a little hot around the collar when looking at some of the gorgeous and sexy pictures of hot Sophia Loren we've gathered. Loren, who is known for her sharp wit and insight has a famous quote which has been attributed to her, even though the actress denies she ever said it. When joking about her unbelievably fabulous and voluptuous figure, she was reported to have said:

 "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti".

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If that's the case Sophia, serve me up a second helping! If you haven't had an opportunity to check out the hot picture slideshow of Sophia Loren, you can click here to start it, or continue reading for more information about this fabulous star, her career and the impression Sophia Loren has left on her fan base, which will remain for years to come.

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