Jourdan Dunn Big Boobs To Blame For Christian Dior Couture Cancellation? Supermodel Says Figure Is Too Curvy For Raf Simons [PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter July 2, 2013 3:43 PM EDT
British-born model Jourdan Dunn was dropped by Dior due to her cleavage. (Photo: Reuters)
British-born model Jourdan Dunn was dropped by Dior due to her cleavage. (Photo: Reuters)

Model Jourdan Dunn has her boobs to blame for getting her fired from Dior. The 22-year-old model, who made her runway debut during New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2007, was recently informed that she was too busty to walk the catwalk for Dior Couture.

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But Jourdan Dunn's boobs seem to be the least of her worries. Informing her almost 88,000 Twitter followers that she had been dropped from Dior Fall 2013 Haute Couture, Dunn wrote: "Ahahahahahaha I just for [sic] cancelled from Dior because of my boobs! I <3 fashion #Couture." In Dunn's mind, however, getting dismissed due to her cup size was at least an improvement from getting the axe due to her darker skin - something which the British-born beauty has been subject to in the past. Speaking to The Edit in March, Dunn revealed that she is often a victim of the racial discrimination in the modeling industry. Once, Dunn revealed, she was turned away from a model casting because the client "didn't want any more black girls." Another time, Dunn was rejected by a makeup artist who refused to work on black skin. Following her cleavage-centered dismissal from Dior, then, Dunn tweeted: "I'm normally told I'm cancelled because I'm 'coloured' so being cancelled because off [sic] my boobs is a minor : )"

Jourdan Dunne says that being booted for large boobs was
Jourdan Dunne says that being booted for large boobs was "minor" compared to the racial discrimination she's suffered in the past. (Photo: Reuters)

Jourdan Dunn's "oversized" boobs are one of many warped ideals generating increasing criticism for the fashion world. And industry insiders are speaking out. In her new book, The Vogue Factor, former AustralianVogue editor Kirstie Clements slams the fashion set for encouraging eating disorders through worshipping waifish figures and a child-like androgynous aesthetic. "The 'fit model' begins the fashion process: designer outfits are created around a live, in house skeleton," Clements explains. "Very few designers have a curvy model....For some bizarre reason, it seems they prefer her to be young, coltish, six-foot tall and built like a prepubescent boy," the recently fired Vogue editor reveals.

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And casting director James Scully concurs. Speaking out about Dior specifically, Scully called into question the house's Caucasian preferences. "I feel the Dior cast is just so pointedly white that it feels deliberate," Scully recently said. "I watch that show and it bothers me - I almost can't even concentrate on the clothes because of the cast. And recently they're changing from a very diverse, worldwide multicultural cast to just a very Germanic-looking white girl. Natalie Portman could complain that John Galliano was a racist, but I feel Raf Simons sends the same message. I don't know what the difference is."

Although Dior has not issued a statement regarding dropping Jourdan Dunne for her boobs, the fashion house's celebrated creative director has taken previous raced-based criticism to heart. Walking the runway for his last Christian Dior Couture show were a much more diverse cast of top model talent, including Alek Wek and Ming Xi. Perhaps there is room for change after all.

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