Vanessa Hudgens Sexy Beach Pics Show Off Her Toned Bikini Body In Bali! [PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter June 29, 2013 5:50 PM EDT
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Vanessa Hudgens decided it was time to get back in the gym after her vacation to the beautiful Bali. According to reports the Spring Breakers star and her bikini buddy Ashley Greene skipped the sunbathing to hit some waves with pro surfers Sage Erickson and Erica Hosseini. Needless to say the two Hollywood starlets went home feeling rather sore and slightly bruised. But the girls were troopers during the ongoing Oakley Pro Bali Learn To Ride event and maybe they can take their newfound tips back to the Golden State!

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"We're in Bali!" the two actresses shouted during the documentary that showed the brunette beauties ripping. "It was amazing! I had the most amazing time ever today," Hudgens continued. "I've gone surfing a few times before. But nothing like this. I caught waves on my own. And loved it. I'm going to be really sore tomorrow, probably, but it was so worth it."

Perhaps soreness from her surfing adventure was the reason Hudgens had decided to get her body back into athletic shape. Since the 24-year-old actress' role in Spring Breakers Hudgens has slimmed down her figure and we have totally noticed how toned she has become!

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The Huffington Post reported that the brunette bombshell might owe her fit figure to her Pilate's class. On several occasions Hudgens has been seen walking out of the workout studio in California but it wasn't until Thursday that the world noticed just how in shape the actress really was. Photographs of Hudgens proved that the former Disney princess was turning into a strong and sexy vixen. In a gray tank top and Spandex capris the former High School Musical Star showed off her post workout glow, her defined shoulders and slimmed legs. After Hudgens' workout she decided to continue her health kick by fueling up on some juices at Pressed Juicery.

The following Friday Hudgens was seen out and about on workout scene yet again. This time the starlet showed off her sexy arms and her caffeine addiction. In a cut out tank the words "I Need Coffee" dripped down the center. But we're sure Hudgens skipped her daily cup of Joe after her adrenaline rushing Pilate class!

Have you noticed Hudgens' figure changing from shapely to strong? Let us know what fitness tips you're using to get your body into summer shape!

  • 4 pictures

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