Skylar Neese Stabbed To Death By Best Friends; Killer Teens Taunt Victim's Parents On Facebook After Murder [REPORT]

By Beth Roeser June 29, 2013 3:57 PM EDT
Skylar Neese was murdered by her best friends, who went on to taunt her parents with disingenuous gestures of concern. (Photo: Facebook)
Skylar Neese was murdered by her best friends, who went on to taunt her parents with disingenuous gestures of concern. (Photo: Facebook)

Skylar Neese was murdered by her best friends, and for the next six months they taunted the girl's parents with Facebook messages, feigned concern, and lies about what happened to their 16-year-old daughter, according to West Virginia authorities.

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Neese, a straight-A high school student, went missing from her home in Morgantown on July 6, 2012. Her close friends were questioned by police, but they claimed they knew nothing of what had happened to Skylar Neese. Now police say that not only did they know what happened, but that they were responsible. In January, Neese's friend Rachel Shoaf confessed that she and another girl drove Skylar to Pennsylvania and then, in a town about 30 miles from where they lived, stabbed her.

The motive? They didn't want to be friends with Skylar Neese anymore.

Shoaf and the other girl have now been charged with Neese's murder. Neese's parents were shocked by the murder. The girls, they said, had been "inseparable." Neese "had just gotten back from vacation with her a week before this," Skylar's father said. "She had been best friends with her since she was 8 years old. I mean, it's sick."

Classmates weren't quite as surprised, according to reports. Upon hearing of Skylar's death, they immediately suspected Shoaf's involvement. She and the other girl, who has not been named because she is being charged as a minor, had supposedly taunted Skylar relentlessly. Their bullying was so bad, in fact, that Shoaf was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the end of 2012.

But before Skylar Neese's alleged killers were named, the girls taunted their victim's parents with disengenuous words and gestures regarding Skylar's disappearance. The second girl allegedly corresponded with Skylar Neese's father on Facebook, leaving him this message: "All I want is for my best friend to come home. I wish I knew something to give the police a lead or so she can come home but I don't know ANYTHING. I'd do anything to have her home right now and I wish I knew something like everybody thinks I do. Come home Skylar it's been five weeks too long. I miss and love you."

Skylar's father Dave Neese replied, "Hang tough babe. Do not let things get you down. Love you."

The girls even went from door to door asking for information about the murder of Skylar Neese. When suspicion was directed toward the girls, Skylar's mother Mary Neese said she defended them.

When Skylar Neese's body was identified, the young girl wrote three things on Twitter. First, "I'm a loser babyyy so why dontcha kill mee." (From the Beck song "Loser.") Second, "worst day of my whole life." Last, "the pain is real."

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