Courteney Cox Dating Brian Van Holt! How Serious Is 'Cougar Town' Relationship? Could The Co-Stars Get Engaged Soon? [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter June 27, 2013 10:53 AM EDT
Courteney Cox has finally taken her relationship with 'Cougar Town' costar Brian Van Holt public. (Photo: Reuters)
Courteney Cox has finally taken her relationship with 'Cougar Town' costar Brian Van Holt public. (Photo: Reuters)

Courtney Cox is officially dating her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt, Us Weekly reports. The 49-year-old former Friends star, who has been linked to Van Holt numerous times in the past, has finally gone public with her on-air love affair. But how does daughter Coco feel about mom's new romance? And will the Cougar Town couple be planning a walk down the aisle any time soon? 

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At 49, Courteney Cox is as stunning as ever! (Photo: Reuters)
At 49, Courteney Cox is as stunning as ever! (Photo: Reuters)

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Courtney Cox has turned her on-air ex into a real life boyfriend. Cox, who finalized her divorce from husband David Arquette in 2010, was actually accused of having an "emotional affair" with the 43-year-old Holt during her marriage. Whether or not Arquette's accusations hold true, Cox and Van Holt's onscreen relationship (Van Holt is cast as Cox's ex-husband on the ABC series) has certainly advanced into something more substantial. According to a Cougar Town insider, Cox and Van Holt have actually "been going out for about six months." And it seems Cox is becoming more and more comfortable with dating her costar out in the open. In fact, the Cougar Town costars were recently spotted dining together at West Hollywood's Chi Lin restaurant. According to a fellow diner, Cox and Van Holt "acted like boyfriend and girlfriend." Perhaps now that ex-husband David Arquette has moved forward with girlfriend Christina McLarty, Cox feels better about revealing her relationship with Van Holt as well.

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David Arquette accused Courteney Cox of having an
David Arquette accused Courteney Cox of having an "emotional affair" with Van Holt while they were still married. (Photo: Reuters)

But Courtney Cox isn't the only one cozying up to her Cougar Town costar. Cox's 9-year-old daughter with David Arquette is warming up to Van Holt as well. "The girl was extremely comfortable with Brian [Van Holt]," a Cougar Town colleague told Us Weekly regarding Coco. When visiting her mom on-set last fall, "she treated him like a dad or an uncle," the onlooker revealed.

Watch Cox and Van Holt's 'Cougar Town' Chemistry Here!

Despite Courtney Cox's newfound relationship, however, the Friends favorite still maintains close ties with former husband David Arquette. In fact, both Cox and the Scream 4 star have insisted that they have gotten much closer since their 2010 split. Opening up to Ellen DeGeneres not long ago, Cox spoke lovingly about her ex-husband. "He's my best friend in the world. I love him," Cox told Ellen. "I appreciate David [Arquette] more now than I ever did." With a very public divorce under her belt, we're guessing Cox and Van Holt will take their real life romance rather slow.

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